What Happened to Mike in Sing 2? Details About Release Date of Sing 2!

What Happened to Mike in Sing 2

When Sing came out in 2016, it quickly became a big hit. People liked the movie because it had interesting characters, catchy songs, and a message that made them feel good.

This was especially true when things started to look bad in history. One of the movie’s many characters, Mike the Mouse (Seth MacFarlane), quickly became a fan favorite.

Even though he was rude and greedy, that was part of what made him so interesting, along with his sass, his style, and his (maybe unrealistic) big dreams.

Nobody was surprised when they heard there would be a second Sing movie. The first one made over $634 million, partly because of its music and partly because it had a lot of famous people in it.

Fans were naturally curious about what happened to the mouse that gambled and stole the show with Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” Before the movie… that’s strange, Mike isn’t in the trailer. That’s okay, because… wait, he’s not in the movie.

In Sing 2, What Happened to Mike?

Some people say that Mike the Mouse quit Sing 2 because he liked to gamble. People say that he got too involved with the Bears’ gambling and lost everything, including his money, his home, and his favorite fedora. Some people say that he didn’t fit into the story of the second movie.

What Happened to Mike in Sing 2

Some people have even said that the bears ate him, which we don’t think is true. Fans were sad that such a well-known character wasn’t in the movie, no matter what the reason was. Do we really know why he wasn’t thought of?

It turns out that nobody has ever talked about Mike the Mouse’s absence in an official way. Not by Seth MacFarlane or Garth Jennings, who both write and direct movies. We may never know for sure what happened, but fan theories might help us feel better about it.

On the official Sing 2 forum, a Reddit user named RiffRafe2 said that they went to a Q&A where Garth Jennings said that, even though he loved Seth McFarlane’s singing and acting, he just couldn’t stand the character anymore, which makes sense, and that’s why the character wasn’t in the sequel. RiffRafe2 also said that Jennings said he might think about bringing Mike back if there was a Sing 3.

Don’t give us any false hope. People have talked about Sing 3 since Sing 2 came out in theatres. Right now, there is no official word on the matter. We Got This Covered will let you know if or when that changes. Let’s just hope Mike is in this group.

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What is the Fan Theory About?

It’s safe to say that Sing fans talk a lot about what happened to Mike, and many have theories about what happened to the mouse.

Many of the theories are based on the idea that Mike died in a bad way because he upset the bear mobsters. One fan thought about this theory on the website Quora: “I think Mike died in a sticky situation. So Seth McFarlane can’t be in the follow-ups.

A more optimistic fan said on Quora, “I think Mike got away with his girlfriend in the car.” When the bear stood up on the back of the car, I think they turned around, saw the bear, and drove the bear to the curb. Then they go to the girlfriend’s house and stay there until everyone knows what’s going on.”

This Reddit user provided three factors to support the notion that Mike died in a tragic manner:

  • Who took the mouse?” Since Mike is a mouse, it is a pun.
  • That night, he sang “My Way”… People say that anyone who sings that song will die.
  • Some of us have already confirmed that Mike is not in Sing 2, so it’s safe to say that he’s dead.

Date of Release and Plot of Sing 2

What Happened to Mike in Sing 2

The first time Sing 2 was shown in the US was on December 22. It was shown in the UK on January 28. A few years pass between the first and second movies. After the success of the New Moon Theater, Buster Moon is looking for his next big hit.

Buster wants to put on a show at Redshore City’s Crystal Tower Theater, but he may have taken on more than he can handle. The always-optimistic koala and the rest of the gang need rock legend Clay Calloway to join them to make the show even better.

In the UK, Sing 2 is now in theaters. On January 28, 2022, it came out.

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Final Words

Seth MacFarlane’s character Mike the Mouse is missing from Sing 2. Garth Jennings said he couldn’t stand the character and didn’t want to keep him in the movie. Fans have a lot of theories as to why he wasn’t in the sequel.

Fans have theories as to what happened to Mike in the Sing movies. There is no official word on whether or not there will be a Sing 3. Since Mike is a mouse, it is a pun since “My Way” is a song that kills anyone who sings it.