Editorial Policy

Here at New Magazin Research, we strive to uphold strict journalistic ethics in order to bring our readers only the most original and informative content. You agree to these terms when you submit an article to us and realise that failure to do so may result in your article’s rejection. A contract you will enter into with us will necessitate that you formally acknowledge and accept this stipulation.


The articles must be completely unique. Copyscape and other similar services should find no instances of plagiarism. Sending content that has been already published is not acceptable to our editors. Writing useful material for our viewers is a top priority, so keep that in mind as you work. Plagiarized or significantly rewritten content from a previously published source will not be accepted.

Proofs and Information

Before being included in the article, any claims or financial data should be thoroughly researched. The customers will not tolerate dishonesty or biassed information. Every bit of information that makes it onto our site has been checked for accuracy and is either already in the public domain or is being released under a Creative Commons licence. The authors must provide a reference to the original online publication of the data, statistics, or assertions.

Always try to back up your claims with hard evidence. Use visual evidence like charts, graphs, and images to back up your arguments. You should not include a claim in your article if it is not supported by credible sources.


Any and all content you provide for us should be of interest to our viewers. To be helpful, your post needs a clear purpose. Our goal is to inform our readers of the most recent developments in the financial world through informative articles that also include background information. No currency, market, or firm should be promoted or advertised in any way, and all articles must be objective.

Advertising and Public Relations

Articles should not include any promotional claims or information about a company, individual, or financial institution. Each and every one of your articles, from the headline to the subheadings to the body itself, must maintain an air of objectivity and clarity. No promotional articles for companies, cryptocurrencies, or individuals should be linked. Any article containing a promotional or marketing link will be removed immediately.


Please keep in mind that our audience consists of serious money-watchers rather than the general public. Always aim to provide something of value to readers who have some background knowledge in the financial sector in each item you write. We intend to furnish them with the most recent updates and information on various monetary matters. Therefore, before contributing an article, you should research our audience.

Article Acceptance

The editorial board is the sole decider of whether or not to publish the content. Our editors reserve the right to approve or reject submissions without comment. Once an article has been approved, we shall announce our verdict with much fanfare. The Board’s decisions will be final and binding on all authors.

Forming Articles for Newspapers

When reporting the news for us, please double check your facts with trusted sources. Even though our platform’s news publishing schedule is more compressed than others, we nevertheless believe it’s crucial to scrutinise the veracity of each news piece before making it public. Verify that there is supporting data and articles for all claims made in the post.

If you care about providing useful information to our audience, you must adhere to this editorial guideline.