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If you’re looking for information on Hollywood, look no further than Newmagazine Research. Including entertainment, news, and IT.

Our brands have a direct impact on what people watch, read, buy, and obsess about. In 2009, Newmagazine Research was born on the internet and is dedicated to making it better: providing hundreds of millions of people with trustworthy, high-quality, brand-safe news and entertainment; making online content more inclusive, empathic, and creative; and encouraging our audience to live better lives.

We are Newmagazine Research. Adding additional businesses and innovators will be an important part of our strategy going forward.
Newmagazine Research, a new media company, aims to keep its audience up to date on current events by presenting them with the most cutting-edge technology. Newsmagazine Research, a source of information for its customers, covers a wide range of topics, including technology, entertainment, and celebrities.