Ethics Policy

The New Magazin Research staff is committed to delivering content that is dependable and sensible.
The objective of our news organisation is to always provide a complete, unbiased, and trustworthy account of a story.


The staff at New Magazin Research is devoted to providing unbiased and informed sports coverage. Before a piece of work is published, its veracity and dependability can be verified by verifying its sources and facts. In addition, the documents are inspected by several people at various checkpoints to confirm their accuracy. We make every effort to ensure the authenticity and currency of the content on this website, but mistakes may occasionally occur. A person with poor judgement may make catastrophic mistakes in judgement unintentionally. In such circumstances, New Magazin Research has the right to provide retractions, explanations, and/or corrections.


Each employee at New Magazin Research is responsible for enforcing the organization’s no-shading policy. The accuracy of our reporting is contingent on the dependability of our sources, which we aim to establish by requesting that they reveal their objectives. When addressing important subjects, it is crucial to reach a compromise.

For the purpose of concealing their dishonesty, dishonest bookkeepers would erase vital information. Also unjust is the dissemination of false information. Unjust is a narrative that misrepresents reality or misleads its audience. A thorough report will be objectively written and will cover all relevant viewpoints.

The report cannot be considered fair if the individuals or locations included in the article are not given the chance to refute the assertions or assumptions made about them. People should be given time to respond to what has happened, what is happening, and most importantly what has been said about them.


How sincere you appear to others influences whether or not they will have faith in you.
The staff of New Magazin Research has assured us that they would take all procedures necessary to avoid conflicts of interest.
No one ever provides us monetary or other incentives while delivering the news.
In addition, we do not accept funding from governments, government-funded organisations, government officials, political parties, or lawmakers with controversial opinions on issues.
Reporters and editors should not get any financial or other gain from the entities they investigate.In addition, every piece of content published on the New Magazin Research must have an appropriate citation.You are prohibited from using anonymous source information without the editor’s permission.In such a scenario, authors and editors must express the source’s transparency and dependability.