Yuru Camp Season 3 Release Date: Renewal Or Canceled!!!

Yuru Camp Season 3 Release Date

Yuru Camp is a Japanese manga adventure, drama, and comedy series that was Written and illustrated by Afro, Directed by Yoshiaki Kyogoku, English Publisher was Yen Press, the series was taken from the Magazine Manga Time Kirara Forward, Music was given by Dai Odagiri. 

When Will The Yuru Camp Season 3 Land?

Yuru Camp season 3 is the upcoming season. First, it is scheduled to be released in October 2022, But due to some reasons, the release date will be postponed.

So now, we expect that season 3 will come late in 2023- 2024. The second season of the Yuru Camp premiered on 7 January 2021 to 1 April 2021 and it contains a total number of 12 episodes. The First season of the Yuru Camp is out on 4 January 2018. 

What Will Happen In The Yuru Camp Season 3?

Yuru Camp is an anime series, the season 3 will not yet be released. According to the previous season of Yuru Camp Season, 2 and 1 the fans were expecting more from the upcoming season.

Yuru Camp Season 3 Release Date

The story is about a group of High School Girls who enjoy camping and the great outdoors. The series was based on the manga of the same name by Afro

The third season will continue the story of the previous two seasons, The Yuru Camp season 3 revolves around Rin Shima, who is a high school student that enjoys camping solo and with her friends, who are also a member of the Outdoor Activities Club. They plan to go on more camping trips together and explore new Locations. 

The Girls encounter various challenges, like bad weather and equipment malfunctions, but they always manage to overcome them with their teamwork and friendship. They also meet new friends and learn more about the outdoors and camping. 

Who Is The Voice Cast Of Yuru Camp Season 3?

Yuru Camp Season 3 Release Date

  1. Nao Toyama voiced Rin Shima – Rin is the quiet and reserved main protagonist of the series. She is an experienced camper who enjoys solo trips and takes pride in her ability to survive in the wilderness. Toyama’s calm and soothing voice perfectly captures Rin’s composed personality, while also conveying her moments of vulnerability and self-reflection.
  2. Yumiri Hanamori voiced Nadeshiko Kagamihara – Nadeshiko is the energetic and outgoing secondary protagonist of the series. She is a new camper who quickly becomes enamored with the outdoor lifestyle and often acts as the group’s cheerleader. Hanamori’s lively and enthusiastic voice brings Nadeshiko’s bubbly personality to life, making her a lovable and relatable character.
  3. Sayuri Hara voiced Chiaki Oogaki – Chiaki is one of Rin and Nadeshiko’s closest friends and a fellow member of their school’s outdoor club. She is a bit of a foodie and often takes charge of cooking meals during camping trips. Hara’s playful and mischievous voice perfectly matches Chiaki’s fun-loving and adventurous personality.
  4. Aki Toyosaki voiced Aoi Inuyama – Aoi is another member of the outdoor club and Rin and Nadeshiko’s friend. She is the group’s resident expert on camping gear and often provides helpful advice and tips. Toyosaki’s gentle and raised voice reflects Aoi’s kind and caring nature, making her a comforting presence in the series.
  5. Rie Takahashi voiced Ena Saitou – Ena is a soft-spoken and reserved classmate of Nadeshiko’s who is also a member of the outdoor club. She becomes close friends with the rest of the group after joining them on a camping trip. Takahashi’s gentle and soothing voice perfectly captures Ena’s gentle and kind-hearted nature, making her a fan-favorite character.

Recap Of Yuru Camp Season 2

Yuru Camp Season 2 is a popular Anime series that was based on the manga series of the same name by Alfo.

The season continues to follow the story of the Outdoor Activities Club, a group of high school girls who enjoy camping and exploring the great outdoors.

The main character of the season, Rin Shima, continues to camp solo with her friends and explore new places, also forming close friendships with the other girls in the club. 

The season indicates various camping trips, including a winter camping trip where the girls enjoy hot pot and snow, and a beach camping trip where they experience the beauty of the ocean.

Yuru Camp Season 3 Release Date

One of the most significant events of the season is when Rin’s friend, Ena Saito, invites her and the rest of the club to go on a camping trip with her family. The girls have a great time exploring new locations and learning about each other’s camping styles.

Throughout the season, the girls face various challenges, such as dealing with crowded camping sites and encountering wild animals, but they always manage to overcome them with their teamwork and friendship.

Overall, Yuru Camp Season 2 is a heartwarming and relaxing anime that celebrates the beauty of nature and the joys of camping with friends.

When Will Yuru Camp Season 3 Be Streaming?

The Yuru Camp season 3 is not scheduled to be released, but the previous seasons of Yuru Camp are streaming on Crunchyroll, Tokyo MX, Sun TV, AT-X, and other platforms and we expect that the upcoming season is also aired on Tokyo MX, Crunchyroll, AT- X and Sun TV and other streaming platforms.    

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Is A Trailer Available For The Yuru Camp Season 3?

The Yuru Camp is set to be available yet, so the trailer and preview are not available. Check out the given previous season’s trailer.


While fans of Yuru Camp will have to wait a little while longer for Season 3, there’s no doubt that the show will be just as delightful and heartwarming as the previous seasons. In the meantime, fans can re-watch their favorite episodes and catch up on the manga series to prepare for the next installment.

However, we won’t announce the “Yuru Camp season 3” until we’re ready, and in the meantime, we’ll continue to plant the seeds for it. What this one has in store for us in the future is quite exciting.” For more details visit our website.


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