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When Will the Young and Hungry Next Season Come?

Young and Hungry

A genre like romantic comedy has gained much popularity among people, especially if it is in a format of a sitcom. Young and Hungry is also one such show.

Displaying the relationship problems in a comedy format is the basis of the show. Here is some information regarding the show.

David Holden is the creator of the romantic comedy sitcom that got released on 25th June 2014 on Freeform.

Devon Kelly, Kevin C. Slattery, Michael Dow, and David Hartle are the producers of the American sitcom.

“Young and Hungry” has completed its five seasons successfully, with a total number of 71 episodes.

What Is the Plotline of the Show Young and Hungry?

The story of the show revolves around the two main characters named Josh and Gabi. Josh is a young and rich entrepreneur, whereas Gabi is a young chef. The relation between Gabi and Josh is displayed in the show. Josh hires Gabi as a personal chef. Gabi is eager for a job and struggles to impress Josh’s aide, who wants a perfect chef for Josh.

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After her selection from the shortlisted candidates, she is chosen to prepare a romantic meal for Josh and his girlfriend. However, the preparation fails, and Gabi finds herself in an awkward situation. She soon finds a way to create an opportunity for employment from the difficult situation with the help of her best friend, Sofia, and housekeeper, Whitley.

The second season of the show starts with the arrival of Gabi’s ex-boyfriend at the same time when Josh breaks her wedding. Josh realized his love for Gabi at that time that made him cancel the wedding.

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In the third season, Gabi realizes her feelings for Josh, but that doesn’t mean that they will end up together so easily. She starts a food truck along with Josh’s brother Jake, who makes expressing their love for each other difficult.

In the fourth season, Gabi and Josh decide to be friends with benefits as their previous attempts for a successful relationship went in vain. All the seasons deals with the changing relationships of the couple.

The Release Date: When Will the Sixth Season of the Famous Sitcom Young and Hungry Be Released on the Respective Platform?

The last season, Young and Hungry Season 5, got aired on Freeform on 13th March 2017. It came to an end on 25th July 2018 after completing twenty episodes.

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Before the release of the final ten episodes, Freeform announced the cancellation of the show in March 2018. The long gap between the two sessions, 5A and 5B, of a single season, displayed the expected cancellation.

However, the cast and crew of the show expected the return of the show. The end of the last season with a cliffhanger also suggested the renewal of the show, but unfortunately, it got cancelled.

What Are the Names of the Characters Involved in the Show Young and Hungry?

The characters involved in the series are mentioned here, along with their description.

Among all these characters, Gabi is my favourite as she is career-oriented. She knows the importance of her work very well and becomes normal very soon. She prioritizes her work over everything and puts herself first in every situation, thus giving a perfect example of self-love.

Who is your favourite character, and why? You can write us your answers in the comment section below.

What Are the Ratings of the Show Young and Hungry?

The sitcom Young and Hungry has received mixed reviews from the audience and critics. McNamara of the LA Times was praising the comedy skills of Osment too much. She mentioned that Young and Hungry appears to be a Disney Channel show rather than an ABC program. It received an average audience score of 78% on Rotten Tomatoes. It hasn’t received any score on the Tomatometer yet.

“Young and Hungry” has received a rating of 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch the Show Young and Hungry?

There are many websites over the Internet where you can stream the show. It is available on Netflix but only in selected regions. It will not display in the unavailable regions.

It is also available on Amazon Prime. You can buy the episodes or seasons from here.

You can also watch it through Google Play and iTunes.


. Young and Hungry has gained much popularity and has completed five seasons. Unfortunately, the show got cancelled after the fifth season.

You can watch the show on Amazon Prime. Keep enjoying Young and Hungry!

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