Yakamoz S-245 Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

yakamoz S 245 season 2

Yakamoz S-245 is one of the newest Netflix original series, and it will be familiar to many viewers who have seen Into the Night because they are set in the same universe.

Yakamoz S-245 is essentially a spin-off of Into the Night because it takes place in the same universe and deals with the same subject, but with different characters.

yakamoz S 245 season 2

Into the Night, of course, has already shown two seasons. So, when will Yakamoz S-245 season 2 be released?

Season 2 of Yakamoz S-245 is still in the works, as there have been no updates on its Netflix status. Netflix may take some time to evaluate whether or not the show deserves to be revived for a second season.

However, given that Into the Night spans two seasons, Yakamoz S-245 has a bright future. One of the most intriguing aspects of Yakamoz S-245 is that it converges with Into the Night since we are discussing two separate shows that take place at the same time and in the same universe.

As a result, there’s a significant chance that the two shows may merge in the future. Still, let’s talk about what we know about Yakamoz S-245’s second season.

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Release Date for Yakamoz S-245 Season 2

Yakamoz S-245, a series about a group of scientists that teamed up with a submarine crew during a cataclysmic event involving the sun, is one of the most interesting shows available on Netflix right now.

yakamoz S 245 season 2

Given that Yakamoz S-245 is a relatively new addition to Netflix’s catalog, no news on the status of its second season has been released. Netflix usually waits a few months before making a decision about a series’ future, and Yakamoz S-245 is likely to receive the same treatment.

Only a handful of Netflix series have ever been renewed before their individual release dates, but Yakamoz S-245 is among the general group of shows that will have to wait before getting the green light from the streaming giant.

In this regard, considering season 2 of Yakamoz S-245 has yet to be announced, there is no way of knowing when it will be released. Many series take months to film after being renewed by Netflix, and it appears like season 2 of Yakamoz S-245 will take longer than a year.

As an example, consider the film Into the Night. On May 1, 2020, it was released. Season 2 of Into the Night, on the other hand, was released a year and four months after season 1.

In that regard, if Yakamoz S-245 is renewed by Netflix, we might see a release date for season 2 16 months from now.

Season 2 Trailer for Yakamoz S-245

Yakamoz S-245 season 2 has yet to be confirmed due to Netflix’s decision not to renew it. Given that trailers are bits and pieces of the finished work, this indicates there is no trailer yet. We’ll have to wait till Yakamoz S-245 begins filming before we can watch the trailer.

Which Actors Will Return for Season 2?

The entire episode is set in a post-apocalyptic environment and takes place in a submarine.

Arman is played by Kvanç Tatltu, Defne is played by the Özge Özpirinçci, Umut is played by Ertan Saban, Yonca is played by Ece Cesmioglu, Felix is played by Jerry Hoffmann, Rana is played by Ecem Uzun, Hatice is played by Meric Aral, Cem is played by Onur Unsal, Altan is played by Ersin Arc.

The series consists of seven episodes that follow Arman, a marine biologist, and his team as they encounter an unknown natural calamity that forces them to take refuge in an underwater submarine, where things aren’t quite as they seem.

The Plot of Yakamoz S-245 Season 2

The Yakamoz S-245 season 2 narrative might be interesting because we know that the end of season 1 of Yakamoz S-245 occurs during the end of season 2 of Into the Night because that is when we saw Arman getting to the seed vault in Norway and getting shot.

yakamoz S 245 season 2

In that regard, the most likely scenario is that Yakamoz S-245 season 2 will revolve around the events that follow Arman’s shooting in the seed vault in Norway and Celiz’s release of Umut.

Because their primary goal is to keep everyone safe, it’s probable that Umut and Celiz will team together to get the Yakamoz S-245 submarine to the site mentioned by Arman’s father.

However, given that Arman’s father is safe in Diego Garcia thanks to the suit he’s wearing, it’s likely that the crew of the Yakamoz S-245 would abandon Arman and the other scientists in Norway to pursue Arman’s father’s whereabouts in order to join the new world he’s talking about.

There’s also the fact that the events of Yakamoz S-245 and Into the Night have now collided. That suggests that the events of Yakamoz S-245 will most likely be influenced by the events of Into the Night season 2.

Arman and the surviving cast members of Into the Night may collaborate to develop the seeds in the Doomsday Vault in Norway or deal with the consequences of Umut’s escape aboard the Yakamoz S-245 submarine.

Because both Into the Night and Yakamoz S-245 have plots that have already converged, anything can happen at this point. As a result, one’s actions may have an impact on others.


Yakamoz S-245 is one of the most intriguing post-apocalyptic dramas available on Netflix right now. The series depicts a group of scientists who join forces with a submarine crew in the midst of a disaster in which everyone exposed to sunlight will perish.

Many people may have already seen the entire season or are planning to do so. So, for those who have seen the complete season of Yakamoz S-245, we’ve compiled a list of series that are similar to it.