James McAvoy Hints At Disney & Marvel’s Big Plans For The ‘X-Men’ Franchise | [Updated]


With the ‘X-Men’ franchise soon to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Professor X star James McAvoy teases enormous plans Disney and Marvel have for the X-Men.

Patrick Stewart has been the voice of Charles Xavier for years. The younger Professor X role, though, was passed down to the good-looking Scottish actor James McAvoy as the X-Men cinematic universe timeline advanced.

Apocalypse. Now, as the franchise prepares for the anticipated release of its ‘Dark Phoenix,’ the star has dropped some significant hints about what’s to come for the X-Men.

During an interview with MTV News, McAvoy discussed his new film “Glass,” the future of the X-Men franchise, and the second installment of IT. The star claimed that he believes Disney will get back the rights to the X-Men franchise from Fox in an interview with the host.

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During an interview, James said that he thinks Marvel would abandon the current continuity of the films in order to incorporate the mutant characters into the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe, which includes many superheroes.

“I love playing Charles. However, if you’re interested in becoming an actor, you must find some sort of compelling material to work on. You can’t just keep doing the same thing over and over again. So, it’s possible that someone else should take over your role.

The superhero’s creator, Stan Lee, was more optimistic about the deal. After saying this, he stated of Marvel and Disney, ‘They’re both very bright. They’ve done a fantastic job.’

It would be interesting to see how they handle things differently, for example by including the Fantastic Four in their narrative. Can the X-Men fit into the Avengers’ realm? We’re talking about the world of the Avengers. ‘I’m not sure,’ he said.

Since 2011, the actor has been playing Charles Xavier, a mutant rights activist, and telepathic X-Men leader. With his tenure as Wolverine has been nothing short of spectacular in the previous four installments of the series, it’s clear that he knows his way around the X-Men world.

As a result, one of his comments about the most difficult issue that comes with the marriage of two organizations is understandable.

It’s no easy task, according to McAvoy, seamlessly combine individuals born with the X-Gene into a universe crammed with well-known superhuman characters like Captain America (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

‘One of the great things about the X-Men — and one of the features that always strikes me when fans talk to you about it is how it parallels people who have been marginalized,’ he added. With powers, they fight for justice; with hope, they struggle against despair; but what does this mean? It means that no matter how dark

There are a lot of them, they’re pushed down and off to the sidelines of society, and thus the mutants symbolize it. ‘We start with many hours of footage,’ says writer/director Andy Serkis. ‘But the pages are filled up in only a few minutes,’ he continued.

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Chris Hemsworth makes his debut as Thor, flying through space and racking up victories in battle against the Skrulls. He’s also the God who gives

So, if you fold them in, do they lose their social statement? That is why you’re seeing a lot of mutants in the Punisher,” he added. “So, that’s why all these crazy superhero things are happening.” The representation hero goes by many names.

People identify with mutants because they are a different ethnic group that is persecuted by conventional society due to its fear of anything unusual.

Do you have any other ideas? Are Marvel and Disney clever enough to figure out a method to accomplish it without letting the cat out of the bag? “Like a bull in a china shop,” he continued. ‘Maybe they’re so good at it,’ he added.

The first trailer for ‘Dark Phoenix’ was released on April 17. Simon Kinberg, the film’s director, has previously stated that this installment will be the start of a new era for the franchise. He said, according to a report by Comic Book, “I see it as a new chapter.

I think of it as a different tone for the franchise. Then there’s the possibility that the next one will have a different tone. ‘It doesn’t imply that the following one will have precisely the same tone; it simply implies that the following one might have a distinct tone.’

‘I believe that, for many years, Bryan [Singer], with the X-Men, revolutionized the superhero genre in 2000 or 2001 when the first one was released. But that was 20 years ago, and I believe it’s past time to update the look, feeling tone, or vibe of these movies.

‘I’ll tell you that if it’s me or the next director, in terms of what I said at the top of the show, you can make it different,’ Kinberg continued. ‘You have to make it diverse.’

On a related note, McAvoy revealed that he didn’t know whether any of the existing cast would return for future installments in the series. “Do we come back? I don’t know. We’re all out of our contracts, so there’s no need to. ‘Well, I’m not sure – they may or may not request us to speak.

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‘The Internet is a cat video and TV shows online. I’m not sure that the Internet provides anything of value or new experiences which we can do together if we don’t have any connection to it.’  ‘It’s been ten years, but they’ve been great,’ said the actor.

“But if they did and Marvel’s ‘Dark Phoenix’ will premiere on June 7th this year, and with so much conversation surrounding the film, it will certainly make waves at the box office.


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