World Trigger Season 4- Will It Ever Going to Happen? All Details Are Here


Writer and illustrator Daisuke Ashihara is responsible for the World Trigger manga series. Neighbors, animals from a different planet, suddenly emerge in the current day through a gateway that opens. World Trigger Season 4?

In order to protect civilians and fight the Neighbors, there must be special, covert borders. The Neighbors are combated by border patrol with the use of “Triggers, a specialized technology.

Neighbor-Border clashes have become the new normal, and the city continues about its business as usual. Yuma Kuga, a neighbor, will be your guide to all of life’s experiences. To Osamu Mikumo, defending Yuma from the Border Patrol is a matter of duty and self-interest.

Anime adaptations of World Trigger were made available in 2014. There were 73 episodes in the first season of the show. Second and third seasons saw it reincarnated as characters. For the second season, there were a total of twelve episodes.

In Japan, the series looks to be quite popular. In a survey performed in Japan in January 2021, World Trigger was voted the 14th best manga of all time. Over 150,000 people voted in this election. We’ve got all the information you need about World Trigger season 4.

When Will World Trigger Season 4 Be Available?

There has been no word yet from Toei Animation, the company behind the famous World Trigger anime, about a fourth season. Because the season 3 finale will broadcast in just a few hours, viewers shouldn’t be overly concerned about the lack of information about the show’s future.

In the not-too-distant future, many World Trigger fans believe the show will return for a fourth television broadcast as planned. World Trigger’s potential to be renewed is reliant on two factors: the show’s popularity and the availability of source material.

Crunchyroll simulcast titles do not provide official viewing numbers, but World Trigger has remained popular with a worldwide audience during its television transmission.

About There will be a long wait for the fourth season of the World Trigger anime despite the show’s bright future. A total of 22 chapters from the manga will be covered in Season 3, which has already been announced.

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Despite the fact that just 24 volumes have been issued in Japan, Toei Animation’s production team must wait for new volumes to be released before completing another season of animation.

On the basis of the manga’s current 160-chapter count, around 30-40 chapters are needed for a season-long animation. If volume 25 continues at its present rate in Japan, fans should expect adequate source material to be available by Summer 2022.

” On the autumn or winter schedules, Season 4 of World Trigger is scheduled to air either in October 2022 or in January 2023.

Season 4 of World Trigger Has a Plot

After a few days of tense standoffs with their neighbors, residents of Mikado City have largely returned to their usual routines. Use of boundaries has become more common. A mysterious white-haired girl arrives to the local school one day and joins in on the fun.

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As a humanoid Neighbor, Kuga is one of Border’s most formidable foes. Border trainee Osamu Mikumo is one of his fellow students at the school. To protect Kuga from the Border, Mikumo is tasked with escorting him about Mikado City and keeping him out of the way.

Season 4 of World Trigger Has an Open Call for Cast Members

However, if the season 4 premiere date is going to go ahead as planned, we can anticipate almost all the characters to be back. Several well-known individuals are expected to appear in season four as well.

Many new regulars and supporting cast members may join the existing cast in the forthcoming season, in addition to countless familiar faces.

As Osamu Mikumo, well-known and accomplished voice actors such as Yûki Kaji appear in this production. Yuuma Kuga is the star of Tomo Muranaka.

Chika Amatori is performed by Nao Tamura. It’s the job of Hideyuki Tanaka to tell the storey. Osamu Mikumo’s lawyer is Brian Doe, of course. It’s Yûichi Nakamura’s Yuichi Jin this time.

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