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Wonderwell, Carrie Fisher’s Final Movie, Has a Confirmed Release Date!

wonderwell release date

The release date for late Hollywood legend Carrie Fisher’s final film has been officially announced.

Seven years have passed since Carrie Fisher died in a tragic accident, but her last movie, Wonderwell, is finally coming out as a surprise indie film for the summer.

The movie was shot in 2016, not long before Fisher died at the age of 60. But director Vlad Marsavin says there were many reasons why it took so long for the movie to come out.

The first-time director said, “It takes time to do the visual effects for a movie of this size, but we had to deal with Covid lockdowns and, of course, Carrie Fisher’s death. Now is a great time to talk about her magical moments on screen as Hazel.”

Here’s everything else we know about Wonderwell.

When Will Wonderwell Be Released?

Friday, June 23, is when Wonderwell will come out in the US. Deadline says that the movie will only be shown at a few AMC Theaters.

The next step will be a digital release, but no details have been given yet. The company that is putting out Wonderwell also owns the rights to the UK, but there are no details yet about when it will come out there.

Who Will Appear in Wonderwell?

Besides Fisher, Rita Ora (Fifty Shades of Grey) plays fashion designer Yana, Nell Tiger Free (Servant) plays Savannah, Sebastian Croft (Heartstopper) plays Daniele, and Kiera Milward (making her film debut) plays Violet.

Vincent Spano, Megan Dodds, Lloyd Owen, and Niccolo Bedio are also cast members.

What is the Storyline of Wonderwell?

Wonderwell is based on William Brookfield’s short story Drainhole Dreaming. Brookfield wrote both the story for the movie and the script for it. This is the official plot summary:

“The coming-of-age story is about a girl named Violet who lives in Italy with her American parents and her beautiful older sister, Savannah.

The story takes place in both modern Italy and a magical world. When Savannah is chosen to be the face of the fashion label of world-famous designer Yana, the family goes to a beautiful medieval village for a photo shoot.

Violet is ignored and bored, so she leaves the old town in Tuscany and goes into a nearby forest. There, she meets the mysterious Hazel, who warns her about Yana’s troubled stepson Daniele. Violet sees a glimpse of her possible future when Hazel leads her to a mysterious portal.

Is There Any Trailer For Wonderwall?

Aside from the fact that the story is magical, there is something very special about getting to see Carrie Fisher again on screen. Below, you can see for yourself.


Wonderwell, Carrie Fisher’s last movie, is coming out on June 23rd. It was shot in 2016, but director Vlad Marsavin says it took so long due to Covid lockdowns and Fisher’s death. The movie will only be shown at AMC Theaters in the US and a digital release in the UK.

Wonderwall is a coming-of-age story about a girl named Violet who lives in Italy with her American parents and her sister Savannah.

It is based on William Brookfield’s short story Drainhole Dreaming and features Carrie Fisher, Rita Ora, Nell Tiger Free, Sebastian Croft, Kiera Milward, Vincent Spano, Megan Dodds, Lloyd Owen, and Niccolo Bedio. There is a trailer for the movie, which can be seen here.

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