Wittold Jurassic: US President’s Attack on Andrzej Duda [KOMENTARZ]

It is about increasing resistance and resistance to the harmful political and economic activities of “strategic rivals”, and the plural used here clearly indicates that it refers to both Russia and China (probably in reverse order from the US perspective). ).

The report, published on the White House website, is short and consists of six sentences. It is noteworthy, however, that the latter does not apply to matters traditionally related to the statements made by US presidents to NATO allies (excluding Turkey). In that statement, President Biden stressed the importance of strengthening democratic governance and the rule of law.

The rest of the article is the video below:

The president and Pius made a mistake that they would have to pay for

The above statement is difficult to read differently than it is a clear crime for Andrzej Duda and Poland because Poland today is often criticized for violating the rule of law. The book’s inclusion in the US President’s speech and in the White House’s public statement is a clear indication that Andrzej Duda’s openly ignored Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election.

When it was already clear that Donald Trump had lost the election, the president and Pius made the mistake of putting everything on the same card and not making an immediate policy amendment – for which they would have to pay.

You can read the White House report Here.

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