Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2: Release Date & Updates!

Wise Man's Grandchild Season 2

The first season was highly praised. Furthermore, the statistics and grades provide cause to anticipate the second season of the program.

This post has been recently updated and is as current as of December 2021.

‘The Grandson of the Wise Man,’ also known as ‘Kenja No Mago’ in Japanese, is a manga adaptation based on Yoshioka’s book by Shunsuke Ogata. The manga was first published on Young Ace Up, a Kadokawa Shoten website, in March 2016.

The manga has nine tankobon volumes. The manga was subsequently adapted into an anime television series by Silver Link that aired on April 10, 2019, for the first time. The anime has gotten fantastic reactions thus far, and fans have expressed a lot of passion.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the answer to whether or not there will be a second season of ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild.’ Here’s everything there is to know about the anime series’ continuation.

Will There Be a Second Season of “Wise Man’s Grandchild”?

The anime initially aired for only 12 episodes, and the television series concluded on June 26, 2019. The first season was well-received, and the numbers and scores suggest that a second season is worth considering.

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Based on 199,098 users, ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ has a rating of 6.54/10 on MyAnimeList. The protagonist of the anime, Kenja no Mago, is an amnesiac who awakens in a new world after being struck by lightning. The anime was adapted from the light novel series of the same name by author Ryohgo Narita.

Wise Man's Grandchild Season 2

Unfortunately, the light novel’s serialization concluded on December 29, 2018, with the release of the final volume. It’s impossible to know if the first season covers the entire nine-volume, or whether there are additional volumes yet to be covered, allowing sources and material from previous seasons to be utilized in a new one.

We do not know the exact situation, yet if we consider the possibilities, it is less probable that the Silver Link studio would have been able to complete a nine-volume story and present it in a single cour anime.

Additionally, Kadokawa aims to develop and nurture new hit shows, and at least one Isekai anime will be released each season. According to reports, Kadokawa producers have already begun discussing ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ season 2 and Re-Zero Season 2. If they may renew, then why can’t Kenja no Mago have a renewal, right?

What Is the Story Behind ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’?”

The plot follows a Japanese office worker who dies in a vehicle accident. He is reborn as a youngster in another world. The King’s son, Arthur Pendragon, is kidnapped and taken to the castle of Mordred by Sir Percival. Merlin Wolford, a patriot hero who had given him the name Shin, picks him up.

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Shin was born in a world where sorcery and magic reign. Eventually, Shin becomes a descendant of Merlin and learns all that he knows. The anime television series began airing in Japan on April 3, 2019, on AT-X. Tokyo MX, BS11, and other Japanese TV channels and networks quickly picked it up. The anime is based on an eponymous light novel series written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka and licensed in North America by Funimation.

What To Expect In Season 2 Of ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’?

Despite the fact that we don’t know anything about the sequel to the anime television series, we do know that it will most likely be set on a beach. However, manga Chapter 26 contains more sunscreen hijinks, breast suffocation, and delinquent Grandpa fishing, all of which we hope will be addressed in the second chapter.

Wise Man's Grandchild Season 2

What Would Fans Want To See In Season 2 Of ‘Wise Man’?”

Download !! !

Kenja no Mago… It’s all finished. (I had a lot of fun, and I’m hoping for a season 2 because the major story didn’t end.)

Shield Hero Season 2 and Kenja no Mago Season 2 faaaaast!

Please release Season 2 of Kenja no Mago.

I apologize if I’m ranting; this was intended to be a quick note. Kenja no mago is very entertaining, yet it will be difficult for me to watch the continuation of season 2 without her. Season 2, plz!!


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