Willie Robertson Kids: Meet The Whole ‘Duck Dynasty’ Family!

Willie Robertson Kids

Remember Willie Robertson and his whole family from Duck Dynasty? If yes then you are the true fan of this growing family even after the Duck Dynasty series finished.

In this article we will discuss Willie’s whole family including whom he married, who are the children of these two and of them who are the adopted ones. Let’s start to know more about Willie Robertson Kids and his complete growing family.

It is unknown to everyone that they have 6 children and their family is still growing and they have already become grandparents.

Willie Robertson is a businessman, author and a tv actor who got married in 1992 with Korie. Korie is one and the lovely wife of Willie Robertson and they have 6 children in all.

Out of them 3 are the biological children of Willie and Korie and these are John Luke, Sadie and Belle. If we talk about their adopted children then they first adopt Little Willie when he was young and his actual name is Willie Alexander Robertson.

Willie Robertson Kids

Next they adopted Rebecca but she is not officially adopted and considered as one of the children of this family and Rebecca is of a kind nature and living with this family since 2004 and didn’t know how to speak in English at that time and a Taiwanese Exchange student and didn’t know English.

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Now start with their oldest child and introduce each and every one by one.

John Luke

The oldest and the biological son of Willie Robertson is John Luke. he is 24 years old and also grew on the series Duck Dynasty. In the show you saw his graduation and the marriage with Mary Kate McEachern years years ago.

In 2019 they welcomed their first son in October and his is John Shepherd while John Luke also studied Camping outdoor and Adventure Leadership at Liberty University and he has also the director of the camp in Ch-Yo-Ca camp.

Willie Robertson Kids


Saddie is an influencer and the second biological child of the family.

If you remember then she already appeared in season 19 of Dancing with the Stars and in that show she won the first runner ups.

She also performed in the series like GOd’s Not Dead 2 and I’m Not Ashamed and then in 2019 she married to Christian Huff in the winters.

They both are blessed with a daughter in May 2021 and her name is Honey.


The third biological daughter of Willie and Korie is Belle and she is the youngest among 3 siblings. Her profile is pretty low and she is 18 years old and appeared in Youtube videos of her Sister.

She only appeared along with her sister in I’m Not Ashamed and in June she got married to Jacob Mayo this year. In the previous year ie. 2020 she got engaged with Jacob after both dating each other for 6 months.

Willie Robertson Kids


You can call him Little Will who joined the family when he was five weeks old and he is the adopted son of Willie and Korie. He made his appearance in the show little bit and not totally involved in Duck Dynasty like his other siblings in their family business.

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She is the second adopted or can be called as the member of the this Duck Dynasty family. She lived with them when she was 16 but not legally adopted girl of this family.

She has a beautiful bond with her parents Willie and Korie. It was heard that she didn’t speak english at that time as she came from Taiwan and once in an interview her mother said that

“She came to us when she was 16 as an exchange student from Taiwan, did not speak a word of English. I thought, ‘Oh, no, I’ve got like four little kids, like 2 to 6 and now I’ve got a 16-year-old that doesn’t speak English; what am I gonna do?'”

But besides this they enjoyed her accompany and she is their daughter.


The last and the recent adopted son is Rowdy and they announced in 2016 on their Instagram that he was officially adopted when he was 13 years old.

Before there announcement regarding Rowdy adoption they hinted their fans that they are on the way to adopt new member to their family and it was also confirmed by Willie’s wife that “We are always open to adoption” in 2015 at the Angels in Adoption event.

It was also revealed by Korie that, “We feel like adoption has blessed our family in so many ways. And we are so thankful for our kids both biological and adopted. So ‘never say never.’ That’s for sure.”

Now their family is happy and completed with their children and their grandchildren and there is a hope that they may extend their family it they want.