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Ohn Monday, Donald Trump William Barr announced his departure from the judiciary. Finally, after several weeks of failure, the president succeeded in imposing his will on someone. On the day indicated 300,000th American death Govit-19 and The The Election College confirmed the victory of Joe Biden, Trump again fired his attorney general from office. Jeff Sessions is no longer a club.

If the president makes his final round of apologies, Bar will not be there, which may provide relief to the president’s legal spear carrier, but there is one reason why Trump is angry: Bar knows one or two things about the eleventh hour apology. Mike Flynn is the latest.

As attorney general of George HW Bush, Barr successfully urged the late president to apologize after the Iran-Contra scandal and the loss of Bush to Bill Clinton in 1992. In fact, as Bar says, he was an impetus almost three decades ago, and the judiciary ran rudely on the “Neanderthals”.

In particular, Barr fought for the pardon of 5 people, including Caspar Weinberger, the defense secretary of the accused Ronald Reagan and Elliott Abrams. Over time, Abrams will join the administration of George W. Bush and eventually serve as Trump’s special envoy to Iran and later to Venezuela.

In a 2001 interview, Designed law-and-order issues as follows: “The big ones are obviously Iran Contra. I am definitely not opposed to any of them. I was widely supported. ”

As for limiting Bush’s apology to Weinberger, who was facing false accusations, Bar has nothing to do with it. He explained, “Some argued for Weinberger, and I said, ‘No, for a penny, for a pound.'”

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At the time, Abrams had already pleaded guilty to withholding information from Congress, but Barr was not prevented. On the contrary, Barr felt that Abrams had been “treated very unfairly.” As expected, Lawrence Walsh, then an independent adviser I saw things differently, “Iran-Contra cover-up … now over.”

Many years later, Mல்லller distorted the findings of the report. Earning M முller’s wrath, His one-time friend and Reggie Walton appointed to the George W. Bush federal bench. Considering 23 pages, Walton “Seriously” questioned See “Despite some findings in the revised edition of the M முller Report, did President make a calculated effort to influence public discourse on the M அறிக்கைller Report in support of Trump?”

Of course, this is not the last time Bar will take fire from the courts. After judicial torture attempts to drop the government’s case against Flynn and Trump’s apology, Another federal judge, Emmett Sullivan, attacked the Bar leadership. Like Walton, Sullivan was pained by the government’s ability to persuade Trump.

Although he dismissed the allegations against Flynn, Sullivan noted: “Considering the government’s previous argument in this case, Mr Flynn’s misrepresentation was ‘absolutely meaningless’ because his misrepresentation ‘went to the heart’ of the FBI investigation, face to face with the government, without explanation. , Raises concerns about the routine nature of its decision-making process. ”

As Bar departs from Chief Justice, he quickly split the price of retirement. In the wake of Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud and theft, Barr caught the eye of his boss. His resignation letter “At all levels of government, all institutions are working within their borders to do everything we can to ensure the unity of the electorate and to encourage public confidence in their outcome,” he declared.

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Without looking at his side, Trump now faces a long list of applicants. In addition to Trump’s self-pardon, Jawanka faces the issue of pardon, while his two sons, Rudy Giuliani and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, are actively investigating the FBI. Here, too, Barry’s words may come back to haunt the president.

At his 2019 confirmation hearing, Bar testified that the president has the power to grant amnesty to family members, but the amnesty can also be prosecuted if bound in a broader attempt to impede justice. When the president has “the power to pardon a family member,” Barr explained, “it may be an impediment if it is linked to certain acts that violate a restraining law.”

Come on January 20, 2021 at 12:01 pm, Trump loses his immunity and becomes a fair game for lawyers. Already, Cyrus Vance, Manhattan District Attorney, has been eagerly circling Trump and his business. As for the southern district of New York, they have already branded Trump an innocent co-conspirator.

What comes next remains to be seen.

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