Will the Lost in Space Season 3 Arrive on Netflix in 2021

Lost in Space Season 3

The Robinson Family is all set to experience the last adventure of the series. Yes! Unfortunately, Lost In Space Season 3 is going to be the final season of the series.

Here is everything you need to know about Lost In Space Season 3.

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Irwin Allen is the creator of the science fiction and adventure series that got released on 13th April 2018 on Netflix.

Neil Marshall, Zack Estrin, Kevin Burns, Jon Jashni, Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless, Marc Helwig, and Alex Graves are the executive producers of the American series.

Lost In Space has already completed its two seasons successfully, with a total of 20 episodes.

What Is The Plotline Of The Series Lost In Space?

The story of the series is set in the year 2046, where an impact event has threatened human survival. The Robinson family gets selected for the 24th mission of the Resolute, which is a 24th Colonist Group. Resolute is an interstellar spacecraft that is going to the Alpha Centauri star system. Groups of people are going there to colonize.

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Before reaching their destination, an alien robot breaks the frame of the Resolute ship. Due to the crash, everyone is forced to leave the mothership and reach a nearby livable planet. The challenge for the colonists is to fight with the demons and the creatures on the alien planet. On the other hand, they are also struggling to get back to the mothership.

Talking about the third season, the story will continue from the cliffhanger where the second season ended. The Robinson family splits into parts while fighting with the invading robots.

Lost in Space Season 3

All the children were sent on the smaller Jupiter spacecraft, and the rest of the humans stayed behind. Judy Robinson was also sent along with the kids to take care of them. However, she encounters the long-lost ship called Fortuna. The upcoming season will also include the long-lost ship. Grant Kelly, the biological father of Judy, was the pilot of it.

The Release Date: When Will The Third Season Of The Series Lost In Space Be Released On Netflix?

After the release of Lost in Space Season 2, the makers confirmed the existence of the third season in 2020. The renewal was confirmed for the year 2021. However, it was announced before the lockdown. Since then, we were sure about the happening of the show. The producer of the show, Zack Estrin, has posted pictures of behind-the-scenes of the production many times.

However, the production of the show is still in progress. The release date of the third season has not been announced yet. Netflix will soon announce the premiere date.

Who Is Going To Be A Part Of The Third Season Of The Series Lost In Space?

Lost in Space Season 3

The characters who make the plot complete are an asset to the series. Here, the significant characters that are surely going to be a part of the series are mentioned.

  • Maureen Robinson, played by Molly Parker, is an aerospace engineer. She is the mission commander for Jupiter 2. She takes her family on the mission as she wants to settle in Alpha Centauri to build a new life in a better world. She is the mother of three children named Judy, Penny, and Will Robinson.
  • John Robinson, played by Toby Stephans, was the U.S. Navy SEAL and the husband of Maureen. He is father to Penny and Will. Judy is his adopted child.
  • Will Robinson, played by Maxwell Jenkins, is the youngest child of Maureen and John. He shares an amazing bond with a Robot whom he saved from a forest fire.
  • Judy Robinson, played by Taylor Russell, is the adopted daughter of Maureen and John. She is the mission doctor and has attained medical training.
  • Penny Robinson, played by Mina Sundwall, is the younger daughter of Maureen and John.
  • Don West, played by Ignacio Serricchio, is the mechanic of the ship and the smuggler of luxury items. Debbie is his lucky chicken.
  • June Harris or Zoe Smith, played by Parker Posey, is a criminal. She has used the identity of her sister, Jessica, to occupy her position on the Resolute. She steals the credentials of Dr. Zachary Smith and acquires her position on the Jupiter ship as Dr. Zoe Smith.
  • The role of the Robot is played by Brian Steele. He is an alien robot whom Will encounters during the crash.
  • Angela Goddard, played by Sibongile Mlambo, is an engineer. She is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the death of her husband in the Resolute attack.
  • Russell Hornsby is also going to be a part of the third season of Lost in Space. However, his role hasn’t been revealed yet.

What Are The Ratings Of The Series Lost In Space?

The series has received amazing reviews from the side of the audience and critics. David Griffin of IGN has praised the performance of the Robinson family and criticized the performance of the villains.

According to him, Lost in Space is an excellent sci-fi adventure series.

The second season of the series has received a score of 85% on the Tomatometer, based on 13 critic ratings. The audience score of the series is 84%, based on 870 user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Lost In Space has received a rating of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch The Series Lost In Space?

You will find many websites over the Internet where you can watch the series. The second season of the series is only available on Netflix.

However, the first season can be watched on Amazon Prime, Vudu, and iTunes. You can have a subscription to the channels or can buy or rent it from there.


The news of the third season being the last one has made the audience a little bit sad. However, fans are also waiting for the release of the season.

Until its release, keep enjoying the previous seasons.


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