Why Is Caillou Bald? Real Reason Explained Here!

Caillou Bald

Who is Caillou and why is he famous on the internet. What is the reason behind his baldness. If he had any disease that’s why he didn’t have any hair when he grew up. Why Caillou has no hair?

Why is this character different from another animated character? Let’s discuss why Caillou is bald and didn’t have hair when he grew up. Initially Caillou was taken from a nine months old boy and when he grew up he was unrecognisable due to addition of hairs so it was decided that Caillou character remains bald and also become famous for his baldness.

When we look at someone who is bald we feel awkward but the person chooses how they want to live their life and it’s normal.

The character Caillou is loved by the children but sometimes it annoys parents as it is different from other cartoon characters and all are thinking why he is bald. Is there any other reason behind this?

The long existing thinking of the people about the four years old Caillou regarding his baldness is that he is suffering from cancer and that’s why his parents didn’t let his hair grow. But this theory is not true that he has a problem or disease.

Caillou Bald

From the children book this animated young character is taken and in that Caillou was described as the 9 months old baby.

It was decided to make him different from the other cartoon characters and to make him recognizable. He was considered bald even when he grew up.

It was explained by Chouette Publishing that “Caillou’s baldness may make him different, but we hope it helps children understand that being different isn’t just okay, it’s normal,”.

It was told in a good way and with laughter “ He just doesn’t have any Hair” when people or others are thinking about why Caillou has no hair.

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Caillou Bald

Even the little children overwatch and overlook this drama and Caillou baldness didn’t affect them. And at that time it was not mentioned about his baldness but when asked they gave this funny reason and explanation that why he had no hair then they explained that he has no hair.

We see this cartoon character as bald. Want to see him with pretty hair. Let’s see how he looks with hair. He looks like a cute girl.

If you want to look Caillou in hair then here you can see how he looked in different types of hair and it is funny.

I think he also looks great in hairs but it was funny to see him in hair. So the appearance of Caillou is well without hair.

Is the Canadian Caillou Drama Still on Tv or on Other Platforms?

This french english original language animated series was no longer available to stream as it ended in October 2010. Caillou’s not so famous bald character cartoon ran for 5 years from September 1997 to October 2010. The series consists of a total 144 episodes in its whole season.

However the show is not available to stream new episodes but you can rewatch its 5 seasons Vudu, Youtube, Amazon Prime, iTunes and on Google Play.

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Is Caillou on PBS Currently?

No, we can’t find this series on PBS as it may be assumed that children get rid of this cartoon and want something new according to today’s need.

Some are happy to depart the show but some felt sad as their childhood series had gone.

Caillou Meaning: Why Is the Character Named Caillou?

Caillou Bald

There are many animated series in this world but why does this series have such a name? Why was the name of the character different from other characters like Ricky, Morty, Rosie, Mommy. Why does it not have a simple and easy name? Do you know why the series and the character named Caillou?

According to some sites the character is named by Christine L’ Heureux to give honor for the work and contribution of Francoise Dolto.

If you check Caillou meaning then it means pebble in French. And it was Dr. Francoise Dolto loved for the children to give their pebbles in return for her payment for the consultations.

And the interesting thing is that Name is confirmed and revealed by her that “The appropriateness of the name was confirmed by an incident that took place at the very beginning of the project. Christine knew she had made the right choice when she heard a neighbor calling her child, ‘Kayou, time to come in.’

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Last Lines

Caillou is bald as it was decided by the creators to remain the character different and famous and why he grew her he was unrecognised so that’s why they decided to remain Caillou and grew him as a bald and not due to problems which made him bald.


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