Why Did Pat And Jen Break Up? PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen!

why did pat and jen break up?

Why these two break up, what is the reason behind their separation and who are they? Why are they so famous? There are many questions which are to be answered one by one and after knowing each other for 9 months why they got separated from each other.

Let’s have a look at their personal life by starting with who they are and what happened to both of them.

As you mostly see when couples separated from each other they fight and some rumours also came out of their relationship and sometimes bitterness also. But not in the case of these famous youtubers as they separated with dignity and with mutual understanding.

Who was Patrick Brown?

He is a famous youtuber and a gamer who is popular by his name and channel PopularMMOs. His videos are related with minecraft and gaming and also increased his audience and subscribers by good commentary in his videos. You may also have heard some of his gaming characters like Bellie, Captain Cookie, The Disgusted Man and Carter.

Along With this he also owned other channels and they are PatVsTheWorld and DungeonNoobAdventure and some of the famous and popular series of Patrick are Hide and Seek Challenges, world of Warcraft etc.

In most of his videos he received views around 7 millions but this time his views went down to an average view of 1-2 millions only as it left the viewers sad after hearing their breakup news.

why did pat and jen break up?

In 2012 he started his youtube channel but in a short period of time videos earned good and he in years he had 1 millions subscribers and after that there was an increase in his subscribers and he gave good videos to the viewers and his audiences and also did many challenges.

In his youtube videos you see that he kills his own pets but in reality he is funny and a good guy who loves animals and also he had worked on an animal farm. He loves what he did and is currently doing for his living and he also loves that his creativity and his passion towards online videos has increased among his fans.

Pat Videos really entertained the persons which engage them to stick to his videos. Even his wife also shared his videos and both are given so much love from the side of the audience. But why did they break up?

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Jennifer Flagg or GamingWithJen: About

She is the wife of Pat but currently they are not living together as they are separated from each other in 2019 after living happily for 5 years.

She is also a vlogger and an American youtuber who also makes videos of games and her channel is GamingWithJen.

Her aim is to provide social services when she was a child but as the time goes on and she grows she became the inspiration of many of the people as the gaming youtuber and plays games like Roblox, Minecraft etc. if we have a look on her annual income then she earns an average of $74.9k to $1.2M from her youtube channel. In 2019 she also won the “Shorty Award for Best in Gaming”. Along with this gaming channel she also had other channels where she posted pictures and vlogs of her cat and also a fashion channel by Jen in which fashion related contents are uploaded by her.

Along with this she is a humble person who donates funds to the farm where she worked and there are many charitable works done by her.

What is the Reason For Their Separation?

In 2019 the news came out from the Pat’s channel they were breaking and they made this video together at that time.

why did pat and jen break up?

The title of their video was “We are breaking up” and it was viewed by more than 9 million persons in which they confirmed that they had separated and that by doing this they felt more comfortable. For their separation it may be considered the main reason by the audience that Jen wants children but he is not ready to become father in 2019 but along with this they even wanted to live their life happily as there is a difference of opinion and being together is not possible for them so they separated from each other with dignity.

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Last Lines

As it is known that they got separated back in 2019 and currently 2021 is going on but no reports or their togetherness news came out. For coming together for any of the couples there should be an appropriate reason but we didn’t find any clue regarding their coming back.


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