Who is Sage Robbins? Wiki, Family, Relationship Status & More

Who is Sage Robbins?

Sage Robbins, an actress of Canadian descent, gained more notoriety for her marital problems than for her acting work. After suing her new husband Anthony J. Mahavoric, commonly known as Tony Robbins, for having an adulterous affair with Sage, her estranged ex-husband John Lynch’s story gained widespread attention.

Her ability to endure the entire event and continue to be married for nearly two decades and counting is what made her story so astounding. Continue reading to find out if her ex-accusations husband is accurate and to discover how she met her rich new husband Tony Robbins.

Who is Sage Robbins?

On the fifth day of August 1972, in Canada, Bonnie-Pearl Humphrey, as she is now often known and called, was born. Her early years, family history, and level of schooling are currently mostly unknown.

Who is Sage Robbins?

She reportedly worked at a health food store first, though, before making her on-screen acting debut in her late forties. She was a late bloomer when it came to acting, becoming well-known for her role in the comedy romantic comedy Shallow Hal in 2001.

She appeared in 11 episodes of the American sitcom Toby the Vampire Slayer (2013), one of her previous works, and Stab 9: The Real Life Sequel (2013). In addition, she appeared in the 2016 television film Better Late Than Never as well as the Oprah Winfrey show and the TV series Super Soul Sunday (OWS).

Sage Robbins is a motivational speaker who, in addition to acting, also does phlebotomy acupuncture and travels the world with her affluent husband to give presentations and seminars. One of the highlights of their presentations is walking over a fire or hot coals.

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Sage Robbins’s Profession & Career

Sage Robbins is a well-known actress and a self-described internet celebrity. Sage is also a phlebotomist, an acupuncturist, a motivational speaker, and an alternative therapist. As the famous wife of Tony Robbins, Sage is as well-known.

Tony is an American author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist. In addition to his infomercials, conferences, and self-help books, including Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within, Sage’s marriage is well known. Tony’s seminars are run through Robbins Research International.

Sage Robbins’s Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Sage Robbins measures 5 feet 8 inches in height and 58 kilos in weight. Sage also has blonde hair and blue eyes. Sage’s other body measurements, including those of her breasts, waist, and hips, as well as her clothing and shoe sizes, are unknown.

Who is Her Husband?

John Lynch, whom Sage married when she was 19 years old, was her ex-husband. Lynch, a Canadian businessman, was 11 years her senior. From 1992 until Bonnie, now known as Sage, sought divorce from him, they had a happy marriage.

Although their divorce was officially finalized in 2000, things quickly got nasty when John accused Tony Robbins, Sage’s then-fiancé, of alienating Sage’s affection. After seeing a picture of Bonnie (now Sage) and the self-help guru kissing in a Canadian News Tabloid, he, therefore, claimed that Bonnie (now Sage) had been unfaithful in their marriage.

Who is Sage Robbins?

Despite the back-and-forth court appearances, Tony Robbins won the case after suing John and the Canadian newspaper that published the story for defamation of character. He ultimately received $20,000 in damages.

After the entire ordeal, Tony wed Sage in Fiji on October 15, 2001, a few months later. Prior to divorcing in 1998, he and Rebecca Becky Jenkins had been married for fourteen years.

How Did They Meet?

According to Sage’s ex-husband, they first connected at one of Tony’s Hawaii motivational seminars in 2000, which he said marked the beginning of the end of their marriage.

Sage found love in the powerful arms of the 6 feet 7 inches tall American self-help expert around a year after her divorce. Before deciding to get married on October 15, 2001, they dated for a short period of time. Their marriage has been going strong for almost two decades, during which time they have traveled extensively and assisted others in finding a better life.

Sage Robbin’s Net Worth

She has gained some substantial cash opportunities from her work. The estimated net worth of Sage Robbins is $2.5 million.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Tony Robbin’s Net Worth?

You might as well learn how to become wealthy from someone who owns a 525-acre private island in Fiji if you’re going to do so. That person is Tony Robbins. Robbins, arguably the most well-known wealth and life coach, began with nothing and eventually amassed a personal fortune of $500 million.

How Did Sage Robbins Meet Tony Robbins?

Sage attended Tony’s motivational seminar in Hawaii in the year 2000. The motivational speaker only needed one glance to recognize her as The One. Less than a year passed between then and their enchanting Fijian wedding.

Standard seats start at $1095 for tickets. VIP costs $1,695, while Executive costs $1,395.

Final Words

Sage Robinson, an actress of Canadian descent, gained more notoriety for her marital problems than for her acting work. After suing her new husband Anthony J. Mahavoric, commonly known as Tony Robbins, for having an adulterous affair, her estranged ex-husband’s story gained widespread attention.

John Lynch, her ex-husband, sued for defamation of character after accusing her of being unfaithful. The self-help guru wed Sage in Fiji on October 15, 2001, a few months later.