Who is Eminem Dating? Latest 2022 Info!

Who is Eminem Dating

It is hard for the Rap God to find his Rap goddess. Again, the question is: who is Eminem dating now? We all know that the rapper calls himself the Rap God, and who wouldn’t want to go out with a God? But it seems like Eminem hasn’t changed much when it comes to love. He wants a quiet date with her daughter, which is not what every girl wants.

His love life was very rough. He was crazy about one person, but things didn’t work out for the best. He went out with a lot of girls, but only one of them really made him crazy. Eminem turned out to only be interested in one woman.

Kim Scott, who Eminem loved in high school, is now his wife. But it didn’t really work out. At that time, Eminem was having a hard time and was abusing drugs. After his sister and mother left him and left him alone in the house, Kim moved in with Eminem.

When Kim moved in with him, he was dressed and nervous. Both of them had problems with drugs. Eminem, though, was bad news. The two people met at a house party in 1988. They fell in love when they were young and full of hormones. They had a daughter named Hailie Jade in 1995.

In 1999, they said their vows to each other. But neither of them got what they wanted out of it. They loved each other, but they were never right for each other.

Eminem and His Ugly Divorce

Kim broke up with him because of how he lived. But in 2001, Eminem wrote a song about how his wife insulted her and called her all the names a lover should never call the love of his life. Kim said it was true that she tried to kill herself after hearing the song. She felt pain.

Who is Eminem Dating

She said she never thought the father of her child would say such things about her. But in 2006, they found their way back to each other and walked down the aisle together once more. But the same thing happened again, and Eminem filed for divorce again. Their marriage broke up once more. But it looks like there wasn’t any bad blood this time.

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Who is Eminem Dating?

The Rap King Right now, Eminem is not with anyone. He is having fun being single. People say that the rapper has never been serious with anyone because he has already been divorced twice.

But Eminem talked about how he was dating Mariah Carey. When she told everyone in public that she had never been with Eminem. The rapper played Mariah’s voice mail on the record, which shows that they were dating.

He said that they had been dating for about six to seven months. But then he didn’t really like her, so they broke up. We can say that he was not bragging about being with her. It was more like something done on the spot.

Eminem’s Relationships

Kimberly Anne Scott

Who is Eminem Dating

This was one of Eminem’s first relationships, and it wasn’t the most stable one. When they were in high school, they became friends. After Eminem and Scott ran away to be together, Scott moved in with Eminem’s mother and sister. Their relationship, which went on and off, began in 1989.

A few years after that, in 1995, they had their daughter Hailie. They ended up getting married in 1999, but it didn’t last long. In 2001, they got a divorce.

Kaya Jones

Kaya Jones, who is a member of the Pussycat Dolls, was said to be dating Eminem. Even though it’s not clear when they started dating, neither of them ever talked about it again.

Many people think that the breakup wasn’t friendly because Jones recently made fun of Eminem’s views on gun laws. This relationship seems to have taken place between 2002 and 2003.

Britney Spears

In 2002, they may have dated for a short time. Neither of them confirmed nor denied it, but Eminem continued to make fun of Spears. In his famous song The Real Slim Shady, he talked about sitting next to her. In another song, Marshall Mathers called her “garbage.”

Brittany Murphy

Murphy and the singer of “Lose Yourself” may have dated in secret for a short time. After Murphy played Kim in the movie 8 Mile in 2002, this happened.

She died in 2009 from pneumonia and taking too much of drugs, but her half-brother said she was killed.

Karrine Steffans

Who is Eminem Dating

Karrine Steffans has been in over 20 music videos for famous people. Several rappers and famous people have been linked to the ex-video vixen in the past.

Mariah Carey

This is one of the most well-known relationships Eminem had… or didn’t have. It’s confusing because Eminem said they dated for a few months, but Carey said that wasn’t true.

The rapper had said, “Yes, Mariah and I did date for about six or seven months, but it didn’t work out.” I didn’t really like what she liked, so our personalities clashed. He also said she was a “diva.”

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Tara Reid

At one point, it was said that Eminem was seeing Reid. Even though the rapper has said, “before all the disease and stuff,” that he did date her.

However, he did brag about “rear-ending Tara Reid” in his 2018 song Kamikaze. After all, he is known for being honest in his songs about how he feels.

Nicky Minaj

In 2018, it was said that the Venom singer was seeing Nicki Minaj behind her back. The rumor that they were dating started with Minaj, and Eminem added to it.

Fans were glad to see them together, and it was clear that they worked well together on Romans Revenge. But, to the fans’ disappointment, it turned out to be a publicity stunt, which seemed to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eminem Currently in a Relationship With?

Marshall Mathers, who goes by the stage name Eminem, is single and has no plans to date until the time is right. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the rapper said it’s hard for him to find people he can trust.

Is Eminem Married to Nicki Minaj?

No, Nicki Minaj and Eminem Aren’t Dating!

Are Kim and Eminem Still Together?

In 1999, Eminem and Kim got married and lived together for a while like a happy family. They started getting into some trouble, which was sad. Two years later, they were no longer married, but they didn’t split up. In fact, they got married and split up again in the same year, 2006.

Final Words

Kim Scott, who Eminem loved in high school, is now his wife. They had a daughter named Hailie Jade in 1995. In 2001, Eminem wrote a song about how his wife insulted her and called her names a lover should never call the love of his life. Eminem is having fun being single. Eminem and Mariah Carey dated for a few months, but it didn’t work out.

The rapper bragged about “rear-ending Tara Reid” in his 2018 song Kamikaze. Eminem is single and has no plans to date until the time is right.