Who is Chen He-ping In Copycat Killer? This Character is Fictional or Real?

Who is Chen He-ping In Copycat Killer

Chen He-ping is featured prominently in the compelling true-crime documentary series Copycat Killer. The show focuses on a series of killings. Chen He-ping was one of the most prominent suspects in the case and was ultimately convicted of many killings.

Yet, his guilt has long been disputed, with many claiming he was wrongly condemned. This article will examine Chen He-life ping’s and background, as well as his role in the Copycat Killer case.

Who is Chen He-Ping In Copycat Killer?

In the true-crime series Copycat Killer, Chun-Yao Yao portrays the character of Chen He-ping, who is depicted as a narcissistic mastermind behind a series of elaborate murders in the city. At first, Chen He-ping appears to be an ambitious journalist who wants to move from the late-night slot to prime-time television.

Who is Chen He-ping In Copycat Killer

He is portrayed as a kind and supportive team player, especially towards his colleague Hu Jian-ho when questioned by the police. However, as the series progresses, his true identity is revealed, and his suspicious past comes to light. Eventually, his arrogance causes him to make a public slip-up, exposing him as the true culprit behind the murders.

What is Chen He-ping Real Identity?

In Copycat Killer, Chen He-ping displays a deep interest in the investigation from the very beginning of the serial murder case. He even persuades Shang-yong to apologize to the murderer on live television, using time from Ya-program.

Cih’s Later, he supports Hu Lin-huei following the death of her brother and convinces her to defend his character on the program, once again stepping on Ya-toes. Cih’s Chen He-ping reveals his true nature, however, when he kidnaps Ya-cih and murders her at her flat.

The final straw was when she deemed him insignificant and predicted that he would soon be forgotten. He then brutally smashed her head in with an ashtray, revealing his true nature as a ruthless murderer.

Sick and Perverted Person

Even though Jia-wun has died, Hsiao-chi is still determined to work on the case and show that Jian-only Ho’s crime is that he knew the victim. He-ping, meanwhile, keeps criticizing the police and putting forward his theory that the murders were done with the help of another person.

He even takes over the time slot of Ya-cih and writes a book about the case, which makes Hsiao-chi suspicious. They are sure that He-ping is the mastermind behind the murders, but they don’t have any proof to show it.

They find out that when He-ping was a child, he was linked to two suspicious cases of arson, and that both of his parents died in strange ways. As they look into the case more, they find out that He-ping did an article about the SODOM club and the rise of the porn industry, which is where he met the other people who helped him do his crimes.

Who is Chen He-ping In Copycat Killer

Lin-huei thought that the killer was a narcissist who wanted to be the center of attention, and He-ping was a perfect match for that description. He even starts to directly anger Hsiao-chi by putting out videos and calling himself Noh, which causes panic all over the city. When He-ping kills Lin-hui, the situation comes to a head.

Hsiao-chi goes up to him and almost kills him with a gun, but stops himself. The prosecutor is in jail for shooting the gun, and it looks like He-ping has won. Hsiao-chi comes up with a final plan to bring He-ping to justice after meeting Mr. Ma and finding Cun-letter Yi in which he admits that He-ping is the real killer.

He wants to apologize on He-show, ping’s so they set up a phone call from someone pretending to be Noh while the show is on. He-work pings don’t matter to Hsiao-chi, just like it didn’t matter to Ya-cih.

He-ping can’t take criticism, so he goes crazy and tells everyone everything in a live rant. He is then taken into custody, found guilty, and sent to prison. But when he leaves the courtroom, he is stabbed and dies from his wounds.

Chen He-ping and Noh: Are They Based on a True Serial Killer?

Chen He-ping, also known as Noh, is not a real-life copycat serial killer. The TV show “Copycat Killer” is an adaptation of the Japanese mystery novel “Mohōhan” (The Copycat) by Miyuki Miyabe. The author was inspired to write the novel after the terror caused by the murders committed by Tsutomu Miyazaki in the late 1980s.

Miyabe, who lived in Koto Ward, Tokyo, where the remains of the fourth victim were found, wrote the novel based on the impact of the fictional serial killer’s crimes on the victims’ families and the public, influenced by her sister’s fear of raising children in the community.

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