Do You Want to Know About White Lines Season 2?

White Lines Season 2

Hello everyone, Season 1 of White Lines was a success and got overall good reviews from critics. A wonderful creation of Alex pina, creator of the “money heist” web series.

The series is written by Alex pina, David Barrocal, Alberto Vicar, and Ed Wethered. The directors are Nick Hamm, Luis Prieto, and Ashley Way. Countries of origin are UK and Spain. Last year Netflix released Ten episodes of White Lines on 15 May. Running time is 50-63 minutes.

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What Are the Plotline of the White Line Season 2 and the Freshest News About the New Season of the White Line?

White Lines Season 2

season1 starts with heavy rainfall on the Almeria desert unearths the body of Axel collins. A DJ by profession went missing for 20years. His sister Zoe starts investigating the cause of his death. Spain’s prosecution law disappointed her. Boxer security head of Oriol starts finding the cause because that land belonged to him. Zoe and Boxer’s investigations colloids and start feeling attraction.

The investigation leads her through a thriller world of dance music, yachts, lies, and coverups, confronting the darker side of her brother’s character. Zoe makes an audacious move to force Marcus to come clear. Kika returns home after Andrew suffers a loss. Oriol gets a surprise visitor in Ibiza. Marcus and Anna were the killers of Axel. Funny scenes involving cocaine, dogs, and Romanians.


is unpredictable is because season 1 ends quite clear. Not easy to say what will the plot of season 2. Zoe and the boxer will be there for sure. Fans Loved the chemistry between them. Murder Mystery coming of age for axel and friends, seeing zoe realize she is not mentally ill or weak but lithiumed up at a young age. Sex scenes because it is Ibiza and adds craziness of youth.

The Release Date of New Season of White Line Is Unclear Yet.

White Lines Season 2

Production or distributors did not show or mention instances for season 2.

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The conclusive ending and coronavirus pandemic are the main reasons. Popular sites claiming the release date is 13 May 2022.

Characters Names: What Are the Characters Involved in the 2nd Season of White Line.

A cast of white Line is impressive and engaging.

Shots of the UK and Spain are also playing their roles.

1. Laura Headcock as Zoe Walker ( The Main character investigating the case on her own.)

2. India Flower as young Zoe

3. Nano Lopes as Boxer ( The security head of Oriol investigating from his side)

4. Rafael Morris as young Boxer

5. Daniel mays as Marcus ward (He was one of Axel’s closest friends, one of three who moved to Ibiza with him and enjoyed the spoils of his success).

6. cell Spellman as young Marcus

7. Laurence fox as David ( He was one of Axel’s best friends, another Mancunian who joined him on his mission to Ibiza. In the years since Axel’s disappearance, David spent time with a shaman in India, returning to Ibiza with an enlightened and spiritual outlook on life).

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8. Angella griffin as Anna. (She was another friend to Axel, was alongside him during his meteoric fame. She and Marcus got married as teenagers but are currently getting a divorce, which made it difficult. He is still in love with her).

What are the ratings of White Lines?

White Lines Season 2

The first season of White Lines become popular among youngsters and party lovers. Beautiful shots of the UK and Spain attracted an eastern audience also. On IMDb has 6.6 ratings. Check ratings on Rotten tomatoes.

Where can the Fans watch white lines?

Everyone wants this series to release on his platform. Netflix is the global distributor and will be the one. Go and watch White Lines only on Netflix.

You can also catch other movies and web series with a similar genre.


It is harmless fun. You need not concentrate much as the story is all over the place. Sex scenes and nudity are for no reason. With the beautiful scenery, highs, and lows of the club. Amazing Spanish and British actors that will make you fall in love with the lifestyle on the island. Some in “breaking bad” style. The storyline is very catchy. I strongly recommend it.


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