Which Are the Next States in Line for Opening Up for Sports Betting?


It’s all changing in the US right now. As the years go by, more and more states are changing their minds about the strict gambling legislation they’ve had in place up until this point.

Not long ago, most states had a flat ban on all sports betting, both in-person and online. But nowadays, that’s not so much the case. In fact, there are now quite a number of states that allow online and in-person sports betting.

So, who’s next? Do any more states have plans to open up for sports betting? This is the big question we’re answering today. So, if you’re currently in a US state where sports betting is prohibited, you’re going to want to make sure you stay tuned for the rest of this article to find out if you’ll be able to bet on sports soon without having to relocate!

And once you’ve done that, you can find out all about sports betting legality in the US – including all the best bookmakers! Let’s check it out.

Which States Currently Allow Sports Betting?

As we mentioned, sports betting is relatively new to most states, in the grand scheme of things. There are a lot more states allowing sports betting than there were a few years ago and there could be a lot more set to join them in the near future.

First of all, let’s consider which states currently allow sports betting. Actually, most states allow for some variation of it, these days! There are just a handful of states that still impose restrictions, but it might not be long until every single state legalizes sports betting.

Who Will Be the Next to Allow Sports Betting?

It hasn’t been that long since a federal ban on sports betting was lifted. Now, most states are allowing some form of sports betting and one by one, they’re relaxing their rules.

There are still a few states that impose a blanket ban on sports betting, such as Texas, Utah and North Dakota. Here’s a quick look at the positions of the other states where sports betting is banned, so we can find out if the ban is likely to be lifted anytime soon:


Sports betting could become legal in this state very soon indeed. It will be put to the vote shortly and there’s a good chance that voters will push to legalize it completely.


It’s unlikely that those in Idaho will be able to participate in sports betting anytime in the foreseeable future, as their state has a long history of being against it.


Here, there are some very early discussions about potentially legalizing sports betting. However, it’s too early to tell whether they will come to fruition or not, and if they do, it’s likely to take a long time.

North Dakota:

Sports betting is still illegal here but a sports betting bill that was introduced in January 2019 has the potential to change that sometime in the near term.


Interestingly, Oklahoma is already home to a number of casinos, so there is a lot of gambling but no sports betting is allowed. This is because of a rich tribal history that doesn’t concern itself with sports betting. However, it looks like this state will be well on its way to full legalization of sports betting pretty soon.


For a state that considers itself to be so sporty, it feels a little odd that nobody there is allowed to bet on sports. However, there is a sports betting bill in the works that should change that situation sometime soon.


As it stands, it seems pretty unlikely that Utah will legalize sports betting in the future. That is, of course, unless something drastic happens. For the time being, nobody in this state really seems interested in making it legal.


Like Idaho and Utah, the state of Wisconsin seems very unlikely to legalize sports betting, due to their history of strongly opposing it. This applies to both the politicians and the citizens of the state. Each to their own!

Last Thoughts on the Future of Sports Betting in the US

As you can see from our list here, there are only three states that seem unlikely to allow for sports betting soon. It’s an exciting time to be a sports bettor in the US – you may even be able to make as much money as a sports star, with a bit of luck!


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