Where Was Sex Education 3 Filmed? Know the Shooting Locations!

Where was Sex education 3 was filmed

Sex Education was aired on Netflix in 2019, but the British comedy-drama series “Sex Education” is a fan favorite. A socially awkward high school student named Otis, with the help of his rebellious friend Maeve opens an underground sex therapy clinic at their school.

All of Season 3 of “Sex Education” was shot in various locations throughout Wales. Reports indicate that locations such as Newport, Barry, and Penarth were utilized during filming.

About Sex Education Series

The British comedy-drama series Sex Education was developed by Laurie Nunn and airs on Netflix. The show debuted on Netflix in 2019, and its popularity and number of viewers have only increased since then.

On September 17, 2021, Season 3 of Sex Education debuted on Netflix. Season 2 continues the story of the kids at Moordale High School as they deal with coming of age and sexual awakening amid adolescence.

University of South Wales Caerleon campus

The former Caerleon Campus of the University of South Wales was transformed into the fictitious Moordale Secondary School for the show’s filming. Beaches in Llantwit Major and Penarth, as well as Cardiff’s Bute Park and a mansion in Penarth, were also used for filming.

Where was Sex education 3 was filmed

There have been rumors that some of the third seasons were shot in Spain in addition to Wales. It is unknown where in Spain the actual filming took place.

It was controversial to close the Caerleon campus in 2016 after the University of Wales, Newport and the University of Glamorgan merged to form the University of South Wales. But now it serves as a stand-in for the fictional Moorland High School, where Otis, Eric, and the rest of the Sex Education cast and crew go to school.

According to Tom Ware, USW’s director of production and performance, the faculty of creative industries collaborated closely with Eleven Films throughout 2018 to produce Sex Education.

He also mentioned that students might participate in a variety of summer internships that rewarded them for their time. The cast of Sex Education returns to college for the second season and third episode of the show.

Margam Park

The Sex Education crew appears to have made Margam Park look much more verdant than it is in series two.

Adam goes through his daily routine at military school, with the neo-Gothic Margam Castle as a backdrop. Adam is a boarding student at the institution because his father sent him there.

Paget Rooms, Penarth

In May 2018, the Netflix crew arrived in town to shoot a few scenes for the pilot. The venue in Penarth was humming with activity.

Where was Sex education 3 was filmed

The Penarth Town Council now owns the ancient theatre, which served as the school’s main hall in the past. The structure is designated as Grade II.
The second season opens with Jean making an uneasy return visit to Moorland for the end-of-year show and sex chat. In addition, Mrs. Haddon (Jemima Kirke of Girls), the new principal of Moordale, will be in charge of assemblies as of Series 3.

Penarth Seafront

Penarth has been featured in Sex Education before (see below), but this season the show highlights the town’s beachfront.

In the seventh episode, Maeve and her friend Aimee are strolling down the pier when they see the prom.

Where was Sex education 3 was filmed

Previously, Penarth was featured in the Sky Original film Six Minutes to Midnight, which starred Judi Dench and Eddie Izzard.

Browns Village Stores

The Llandogo storefront of the same family since 1928. Maeve makes a purchase there in the second episode of the first season, and Adam and Ola work there in the second season.

Rhondda Bowl

In the third episode of the third season, the gang bowls at a bowling alley that seems like it was built in the 1950s in Tonyrefail, Rhondda Cynon Taff.

Where was Sex education 3 was filmed

Rhondda Bowl is still operational, and residents regularly attend games there to take in the retro atmosphere that was glammed up for Sex Education.

The owners were so pleased with the design that they instructed the architects to leave the alley unaltered, other than taking down the signs and rebranding the space.


Sex Education” is a British comedy-drama series that premiered on Netflix in 2019. Season 3 was filmed in Wales, with locations such as Newport, Barry, and Penarth used during filming. The University of South Wales Caerleon campus was transformed into the fictional Moordale Secondary School. Other locations include Margam Park, Penarth Seafront, and Rhondda Bowl.

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