What Happened to Larry Ray and Where is He Now?


In its new true crime documentary series, Hulu looks at the crimes committed by Larry Ray and the effects those crimes had on the students who were victimized by him sexually, physically, and emotionally.
Ray, whose real name was Lawrence Grecco, may have left viewers wondering what became of him. All the information you require is provided below.

Who is Larry Ray?

As reported by People, before his terrible crimes became public knowledge, Ray (actual name Lawrence Grecco) worked in a variety of fields, including nightlife (he operated a nightclub in Scotch Plains, NJ) and consultancy, and even traded securities on Wall Street in the 1980s.

Where is Larry Ray Now

New York Magazine claims that Ray hosted political fundraisers in which Patrick Kennedy was among the beneficiaries. He accomplished this without ever having earned a diploma.

What Were Larry Ray’s Crimes?

According to New York Magazine, Ray’s legal problems began when he was “indicted as a co-conspirator in a mafia-related pump-and-dump scam” in the year 2000. After waiting three years, he finally admitted to securities fraud. In the same year, he separated from Teresa, the mother of his two children.

A reformed criminal, Ray moved into his daughter Talia’s college dorm room after being released from prison in 2010. For almost a decade, he used the students’ vulnerability to mental manipulation to exploit them for sexual favors and slave labor. Later, he convinced five pupils to share a one-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with him, where he actively attempted to cut them off from their loved ones.

Where is Larry Ray Now

In a statement made public in April 2022 (via People), US Attorney Damian Williams had this to say about Ray: “Larry Ray moved into his daughter’s Sarah Lawrence College dorm room 12 years ago. And he found a group of buddies who were just getting started in life. He spent the following decade trying to wreck their lives using physical and psychological harm. For his gain, he used them. They were terrified by him. He subjected them to excruciating pain. This needs to be spelled out in no uncertain terms. The predatory Larry Ray. A bad guy who committed bad stuff.”

Where Is Larry Ray Now in 2023?

When Ray was detained by the FBI in February 2020, he was repeatedly denied bail. This April of 2022, Ray was found guilty of fifteen charges, including racketeering conspiracy, money laundering, sex trafficking, forced labor, and tax evasion. Ray received a 60-year prison term in January 2023.

Where is Larry Ray Now

Mr. Ray’s “behavior, in this case, was extremely aggravating, his offenses particularly horrific,” Judge Lewis Liman reportedly remarked in court, as reported by the New York Post. Liman stated that Ray’s crimes were “sadism pure and simple,” adding that Ray deprived his victims of more than just their bodies but also their dignity and college memories.

Ray was convicted in 2023 and has been incarcerated ever since. He received a 60-year prison term and will be under constant surveillance for the rest of his life.

Frequently Asked Questions…

How old is Larry Ray?

The 63-year-old was sentenced to sixty years in prison on Friday, meaning he will likely die in prison.

What Happened to Isabella Sarah Lawrence?

Isabella admitted to assisting Larry in trafficking Claudia and laundering her roughly $2.5 million escort earnings. She faces a maximum of five years in prison and is the only other person charged except Larry.

Who is Larry Ray?

Larry Ray, 63, was sentenced to 60 years in jail for extortion, sex trafficking, and forced labor last month after recruiting his daughter’s roommates from Sarah Lawrence College into a cult.

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