Where is Kelsey Turner Now? A Look at Into Her Life!

Where is Kelsey Turner Now

There is no time to slow down because life moves at lightning speed. If you recognize the name Kelsey Turner, it’s because the 29-year-old model has appeared on the covers of adult-oriented publications including Maxim and Playboy.

From her days as a swimsuit model and socialite, Turner’s life has undergone a significant transformation.

In 2017, things started looking up for Turner after he met Dr. Thomas Burchard, a child psychiatrist. According to reports, Dr. Burchard served as a “sugar daddy” to Turner, who ultimately betrayed him out of her avarice.

Who is Kelsey Turner?

Kelsey Nichole Turner, commonly known as Badd Barbie, is an American woman who acquired prominence after receiving a murder conviction. Her birthday is May 5th, 1993.

Before her imprisonment, Turner worked as a model and had appeared in Playboy, Maxim, and OneTen, among others. In March 2019, she was arrested and accused of the murder of Dr. Thomas Burchard, a 71-year-old psychiatrist.

Where is Kelsey Turner Now

Turner was in a relationship with a wealthy businessman named Dr. Burchard, and she and her accomplice, Jon Logan Kennison, reportedly murdered him for financial reasons. In June 2021, Turner was convicted guilty of first-degree murder and condemned to a life without the possibility of parole.

Where is Kelsey Turner Now?

Kelsey Turner, aka Badd Barbie, a former Playboy model, took an Alford Plea agreement in the murder of renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Burchard in November 2022. Burchard’s body was discovered in the trunk of an abandoned car in the Nevada desert in 2019.

After severely attacking the 71-year-old psychiatrist, Turner and her then-boyfriend Jon Logan Kennison and roommate Diana Pena cleaned up the crime scene and dumped his body. Pena was the first to submit a guilty plea and provide testimony against the other two, who both finally took plea deals in 2022 in exchange for reduced charges.

According to reports, Kelsey Turner pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is currently serving a 10-to-25-year sentence at the Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Facility in Las Vegas.

On Monday, February 27, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET, ID’s The Playboy Murders will return to the case with a new episode titled Sugar Baby. As described in the episode’s summary,

“A 25-year-old Playboy Italia model connects with a 71-year-old doctor after he sees her photos online; he supports her for two years and gives her more than $300,000 before threatening to cut her off, and their relationship takes a deadly turn.”

While Kelsey Turner, who agreed to an Alford Plea in November of 2022, was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison earlier this year.

After finishing her sentence at the Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Facility in Las Vegas, Turner won’t be eligible for release until March 2029, according to published sources.

Why Was Dr. Thomas Buchard Murdered?

Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that in court, prosecutors said Turner had urged Kennison to kill Dr. Burchard during Burchard’s visit to Turner in Las Vegas.

Since the beginning of their relationship, Dr. Buchard had been Turner’s patron, providing financial support for her and her kid.

According to KTNV’s reporting, Dr. Burchard visited Turner at her home one day and informed her that he would no longer be providing the money necessary to maintain her current standard of living. In a fit of passion, Turner ordered Kennison to use a bat on the 71-year-old child psychologist. After disposing of his body, the couple hid his trunk in their Mercedes-Benz, where it was discovered in March 2019.

We are very saddened by the loss of Dr. Thomas Burchard and offer our sincerest sympathies to his loved ones.

Recently, Kelsey Turner added one post on her official Instagram account with the caption “Tune in Friday night to see another television show I turned down to listen to people who haven’t seen me sixth-grade talk shit 😂”, see below the given post…


Kelsey Turner, aka Badd Barbie, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is serving a 10-25 year sentence for her involvement in the murder of 71-year-old psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Burchard.  A new episode of ID’s The Playboy Murders will focus on the case on February 27, 2023. Turner posted on Instagram about turning down another TV show appearance.

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