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When Calls The Heart Season 9 Finale Recap: Everything About Elizabeth and Lucas!

When Calls The Heart Season 9 Finale Recap

On Sunday’s season 9 finale of When Calls the Heart, fans all over the world saw Lucas Bouchard ask our favorite school teacher to marry him. It was a dreamy and intimate proposal, and her son, Little Jack, was there to make it even cuter. During a casual walk, the boy is busy picking up rocks, which he gives to his mother. This makes Lucas ask Elizabeth to be his wife.

ET talked to Elizabeth Stewart, the co-executive producer, and writer of WCTH. She told ET all about that heartfelt proposal, how the couple’s friendship with Nathan has changed, what’s in store for the Mountie’s love life, how Rosemary and Lee will adjust to having a bigger family, Bill’s health, Henry’s path to redemption, and more.

ET: We just watched the last episode of season 9 of When Calls the Heart, and holy cow, what a way to end the season! How do you feel about Lucas proposing to Elizabeth and Rosemary telling Lee they’re going to have a baby? How do you think the hearties are feeling?

Elizabeth Stewart: I hope the hearties are as excited as we are to start these long-awaited events. But it was important to let Elizabeth spend time with Lucas and for Rosemary and Lee to be happy with their life together before the baby’s surprise.

Elizabeth and Lucas Are a Good Place to Start. Was It Always the Plan for Them to Get Married at the End of Season 9?

Planning a season is always a natural, step-by-step process, but yes, we did hope to have earned Lucas’ proposal by the end of the season.

Elizabeth has had a lot of big, movie-like moments, like when Jack asked her to marry him when they got married, and when they kissed on the bridge. How did you decide to make Lucas’s proposal to Elizabeth a little more personal and low-key? (but equally as heartfelt).

When she was with Jack, Elizabeth was in a different place. Being a widow and a mother has made her more mature. I don’t think she needs or even wants to be swept off her feet the way she was with Jack, which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Putting Little Jack in the proposal shows that being a mother is now her top priority.

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During his proposal, Lucas says he wants to be a father to Little Jack. How will their relationship change now that they are legally related?

In season 9, we tried hard to get Lucas and Little Jack to hang out. “Buddies” is the right word for them. But their relationship will change when Lucas becomes Little Jack’s stepfather.

In Season 9, Nathan’s Friendships With Elizabeth and Lucas Grew in Terms of How Kind and Understanding They Were. Tell Me How They Went From Being in a Love Triangle to Three Friends Who Love and Respect Each Other.

Nathan bore the burden of his guilt about Jack’s death and his grief regarding the loss of Elizabeth for such a significant amount of time. It has been a joy to observe him loosen up a bit and find genuine friendship with Elizabeth and even Lucas. It has been a treat. I believe that this is in large part due to the incredible chemistry that exists between Erin, Kevin, and Chris, as well as their individual performances.

What Will the Coulters Do Next? Will Rosemary Develop a Baby Bump? Will She Labor Like Elizabeth?

I have no doubt that Rosemary will approach the process of childbirth with the same can-do mentality that she employs in her approach to everything else; this, of course, will ensure that she is met with a number of unexpected occurrences.

Faith Revealed Her Emotions for Nathan, but by the Season 9 Conclusion, She Was Okay With Him Rejoining Mei. With Carson Gone and Nathan Reportedly Dating Mei, is She Looking for Love?

I believe Faith is at a point in her life where she is open to the possibility of finding romantic fulfillment, but she is also aware of the richness of the other aspects of her life, such as her medical job and the relationships she has cultivated in Hope Valley. It’s possible that she considers it to be sufficient, or it’s also possible that she’s just trying to convince herself of that.

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Fiona Toasted Hickam After the Saloon Fire. Where Does Their Could-be-more-than-friends Relationship Stand, and Will It Grow?

I adore it that Hickam and Fiona are friends. Is it possible that they have something more going on between them? It is entirely possible. But there are now a couple of available single women in town, and their names are Faith and Mei. If there is a season 10, Hickam might finally get his chance to win the girl’s heart; the question is, which girl?

Final Words

On Sunday’s season 9 finale of When Calls the Heart, Lucas asked Elizabeth to marry him. His proposal was a dreamy and intimate affair. Rosemary and Lee are having a baby, and they’re telling Elizabeth and Lucas about it in the episode. In season 9, Nathan’s friendships with Elizabeth and Lucas grew in terms of how kind and understanding they were. Faith revealed her emotions for Nathan but was okay with him rejoining Mei.

Rosemary will approach the process of childbirth with the same can-do mentality that she employs in everything else. With Carson gone and Nathan reportedly dating Mei, is Faith looking for love? I believe Faith is open to the possibility of finding romantic fulfillment. If there is a season 10, Hickam might finally get his chance to win the girl’s heart; the question is who?

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