What Is the Difference Between Ethereum and Bitcoin?


Many new cryptocurrencies are coming into existence that are copies of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Still, ethereum is also the coin that is giving a big fight to bitcoin. Of course, you know that bitcoin is already popular, and many users are investing a lot of their savings or money in bitcoin to make money.

Still, there are a lot of huge fans of the ethereum cryptocurrency, which is known as the second most popular bitcoin, and people predict that this coin’s future value will reach up like bitcoin. So let’s compare these cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum. So, if you are planning to trade Bitcoin consider using a reputable platform for a better trading experience, you can visit Immediate Edge for more information.

Basic Explanation of Bitcoin

Bitcoin does not need any introduction, but some people know about the actual working of bitcoin. So bitcoin is the currency that was first created and gave birth to a new payment system, and now other payment systems are also thinking of creating their blockchain network to remove the dependence.

In simple words, bitcoin works on a blockchain system that does not need any third party such as the government or financial institutions to verify the transactions but works on the system or preset rules, and miners contribute to the verification process that becomes more secure and private.

Understanding the Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Many say that ethereum is the second bitcoin and the copy of bitcoin that is also working on the blockchain system to remove the centralized authorities from the payment process to make it more convenient for ordinary persons. Yes, ethereum should be the inspiration from bitcoin, but it works on smart contracts that make it more scalable.

The most significant trouble with bitcoin is that miners can mine up to one MB of transactions in a single block which makes the speed of transactions very slow, from a minimum of 10 minutes to a few days. Ethereum is the cryptocurrency that makes the payment system secure, fast, cheaper, and reliable by deducting the role of centralized authorities using smart contracts.

The Difference Between Ethereum and Bitcoin

There are the following points that make the bitcoin different from the ethereum given below:-

  1. Value:- The value of the bitcoin cryptocurrency is very high than all the cryptocurrencies available on the network because the supply is minimal. Bitcoin has become a brand in people’s eyes, and some users buy the bitcoin to show the other people, to make them proud of having bitcoin in their wallet. The more people buy bitcoin, the more its value will increase. Ethereum has a lower value than bitcoin, but it is the second-highest value cryptocurrency after bitcoin. People are also continually investing in this currency and making a profit from it. It has supplied billions, but other currencies have over a billion, making them less valuable.
  2. Blockchain ledger:- The bitcoin and the ethereum crypto coins work on the blockchain ledger system, but both have different blockchain systems. The rules of bitcoin are very complex to mine, and the limit is set up to 21 million, which means after 21 million, miners cannot mine a single bitcoin, and the reward of miners will get zero, and they will only get transactional fees. The blockchain of ethereum works on smart contracts that make it easy to mine, need less energy, and secure a platform for transactions.
  3. Speed and cost:- Bitcoin’s speed is low compared to ethereum, which takes a minimum of ten minutes, and small transactions take a few days because miners do not want to waste their energy on small transactions. Bitcoin miners always focus on solving the more significant transactions to get high rewards and transactional fees. But the ethereum cryptocurrency is very fast because you can mine multiple transactions in a single block, making it faster than bitcoin. Since it saves the miners time and energy, the cost of solving the equations also becomes very low. So we can say that ethereum is the cryptocurrency that has more speed and low cost than the bitcoin cryptocurrency.
  4. Mining process:- The verification system of bitcoin is very hard, it takes complex mathematical skills of miners, and miners also have to spend a lot of electricity in the mining process. So they need the specific machines for the bitcoin miners that will cost them a lot, and a solo miner cannot beat the competition now. The mining process of the ethereum crypto is straightforward. If you have the mathematical and programming skills, you can also be a miner with a good processor, computer, or laptop. It will take significantly less effort, energy, and skills to mine ethereum and miners get enough profit from it.
  5. Scalability:- Bitcoin cannot be scaled because the one MB rule is already that no one can change. Miners can only solve the transactions with up to one megabyte of data, making the process very slow. Still, miners can mine multiple ethereum transactions in a single block, making it more scalable than bitcoin.


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