What is Dogelon Mars?


Dogelon Mars, also known as ELON, is a project featuring a dog as a theme. It is amongst the most talked-about Cryptocurrencies coins which were initially launched in 2021. It is a currency accepted worldwide and is also used by space colonists as an interplanetary currency. Apart from being a Cryptocurrency, Dogelon Mars features a dog that advertises purchasing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

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Differentiating Factor Of Dogelon Mars

This dog-themed Cryptocurrency has by far the same types of features as that of other currencies. You can purchase it, sell it, invest it or store it in virtual wallets. But the developers have taken certain steps which make this Cryptocurrency stand out from the rest.

This project was first initiated with one Quadrillion Dogelon Mars coins. Half of this was sent to Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum. Vitalik Buterin donated about 43% of those Crypto coins to the Methuselah Foundation, a renowned charity. The charity pledged not to sell those tokens for about 365 days and help in aspiring ELON’s long-term value.

Then, another half of those coins were contributed to a liquidity pool on Uniswap. After doing so, they burned down all the liquidity tokens they had received. This was done so that they could never commit a scam where the developers could just increase the value of the Cryptocurrency and disown the project.

Should You Consider Investing In Dogelon Mars?

There are many tips laid down that one must follow before investing in Cryptocurrency. Some of them are to never purchase meme tokens and never opt for a project which is not clear on its goals.

Dogelon Mars is basically a meme token which is based on hype. This is because it does not have any real usefulness of its own. But, if you are looking for Cryptocurrencies for a short time only, ELON is the right way to go. Also, if you wish to deal with real-life problems, it is best to opt for any other renowned Cryptocurrency.

Though Cryptocurrencies are known for their risky and volatile nature, it is best to not opt for ELON as it can make it riskier.

How Can You Purchase Dogelon Mars?

There are numerous options for those who want to purchase ELON tokens. The most recommended way to do so is by registering in a Crypto exchange and purchasing your tokens from there. Also, you have the option of trading for it on a Uniswap exchange which is decentralised. But for this, having a Crypto wallet with Ethereum is necessary.

The Bottom Line

Every Cryptocurrency has its own set of risks which come attached to the benefits. But opting for a meme token like Dogelon Mars can make trading even riskier. If you are one to take risks and have no problem with experimenting, ELON is the perfect choice for you. So, invest in Dogelon Mars after careful consideration.


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