How to Explain ‘what if…?’ Season 1 Series?


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‘what if…?’ Season 1 Ending Explained

The Watcher gathers a team of superheroes from various alternate dimensions to try and prevent the entire universe from being destroyed by Ultron. Here’s how it ended.

The first season of Kingdom Hearts III has officially come to a close on Disney Plus. It’s been a thrilling ride full of surprises. The conclusion ties up a number of loose ends and unravels the hidden threads that connected what appeared to be a series of unrelated, disconnected events.

The fourth season, ‘The Watcher Broke His Oath,’ gathers the characters from various alternate realities to battle a powerful Ultron who is attempting to destroy the cosmos. Is the Watcher’s scheme successful? What happens if the multiverse is destroyed? Here’s a summary of everything that occurred at the conclusion of the series.

‘what if…?’ Season 1 Synopsis and Conclusion

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A group of superheroes from alternate dimensions, such as Captain Carter, Star-Lord T’Challa, Party Thor, Killmonger, and Gamora, are gathered together by the Watcher. Along with Strange Supreme. The Guardians of the Multiverse are his name for them, as they were chosen to defend the multiverse from Ultron, who had all six infinity gems. The Avengers devise a strategy to find Ultron, separate him from the Stones, and then destroy them with Gamora’s Infinity Crusher. In an arid wasteland reality, the crew prepares to engage Ultron, but Thor inadvertently summons him and a furious battle ensues.

The Soul Stone was stolen by T’Challa from Ultron. The heroes are teleported to Ultron’s home dimension, where they summon a mob of undead to distract the robot while they escape. The Avengers, on the other hand, are free-spirited individuals who reject society’s restrictions on their personal freedom. They encounter Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, the universe’s sole surviving member of her species. The Guardians power up the Infinity Crusher, but their efforts are thwarted by the stones.

In the end, Hawkeye and Strange engage in about while Natasha uses Clint’s Arnim Zola virus arrow to destroy Ultron. Zola manages to destroy Ultron, but Killmonger tries to steal the Infinity Stones. Zola takes up the challenge and challenges Killmonger for control of the stones. The Avengers conclude their mission by trapping Ultron, Killmonger, and the stones in a pocket dimension with a last-minute solution.

What Happens to Ultron?

After the Guardians’ attempt to destroy the stones fails, they’ll need another strategy to defeat Ultron. Natasha manages to defeat Ultron by hacking into Ultron’s AI and using Arnim Zola’s AI. It worked! However, Zola takes control of Ultron’s body.

We’re still not sure if Ultron has been completely disabled. We can’t rule out that the super-intelligent computer program will find a way to restore itself and cause havoc once more. However, with the way the episode concluded, we may safely conclude that Ultron is no longer a threat.

Isn’t it possible that the multiverse is doomed? Maybe for now. Zola and Killmonger battled over the Infinity Stones. Strange was able to repel them using a move from The Watcher’s playbook, which put them in a different pocket universe. After he destroyed his world, it was a similar place where he found himself. The Guardians of the Multiverse were able to preserve the multiverse. But who knows what new dangers may emerge in the future?

The Watcher Makes a Fresh Oath

The Watcher has always made it clear that he will never interfere in the events of any single universe. However, when Ultron emerged, he saw that he must break his promises in order to prevent him.

The Watcher made a new vow after the huge fight. Every universe in the multiverse will henceforth be guarded by him.

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Who Is the Hydra Stomper’s Inside Boy?

What If…? is, like most Marvel Cinematic Universe films and TV shows, a superhero comedy. The first season concluded on a cliffhanger.

At the mid-credits moment, we saw Captain Carter returning to her own world and resuming her mission. Following her bout with Batroc, Black Widow informs Hawkeye that the pirates were searching for the Hydra Stomper’s component. The third panel suggests that the Black Widow has an intruder. Before we could figure out who’s inside Hydra Stomper, the program cuts to the credits.

So, who is the individual? Steve Rogers, who wears the suit in the first episode, is the most likely candidate. After being informed that the Others are in her world, the Watcher sends Captain Carter back to her own. He also denied her request to visit a different time period so they could be with Steve. It’s possible that The Watcher knows what her heart truly desires. So it’s more than likely that he’s the one inside the Hydra Stomper.

Yes, nearly 70 years have passed since Carter last encountered Steve. However, he may still be alive, as Bucky Barnes did for many years after the Winter Soldier program at Hydra. If this is the case, Steve Rogers’ brainwashed reflection will be a different man. Season 2 will be even more intriguing thanks to the new characters, thanks to the many events that have taken place since its start in January 2018.

What Happens to the Multiverse’s Guardians After They Save It?

The Watcher applauds the heroes and sends them back to their own dimension. In the movie’s conclusion, King T’Challa returns to his own world and trains Peter Quill as Star-Lord. The Guardians are able to free Ego’s mind, and Shuri tells them that Gamora has gone to her own reality. In his world, Party Thor reassembles with Jane.

But The Watcher persuaded her that her universe still needed her, so she returned to it. The Watchtower is the home of Zola and Killmonger, two characters with incredible powers. The Watchtower has an unknown role in the film. Except for Natasha, who now had nothing to return to after her world was destroyed. She pleads with The Watcher to restore her planet, but he claims he is unable to do so.

The Watcher then whisks Natasha away to the middle of the conflict. Others would see this as a chance occurrence, but attentive fans would notice that this is the world in which the Back Widow has vanished, as seen in the third episode of the series. The second is the fact that Captain America’s presence is felt strongly, while the Avengers are nowhere to be found. The wall is broken down, and the pair depart to go their separate ways. With Thor gone, Loki attacks Natasha, forcing her to defend herself against his deadly magic. She then overpowers Loki, proving that she’s finally found her peace.

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