What Happens to Miguel in Cobra Kai Season 3?


Miguel is the newest student at the Cobra Kai dojo. He’s a talented and skilled fighter who has been bullied his whole life. But when he arrives, he finds that it’s not just Johnny Lawrence who has something against him.

The other students don’t want anyone new coming into their group and they’ll stop at nothing to make sure he doesn’t stay around for long. Watch how Miguel struggles with this new environment, but also see how he learns from his mistakes and grows as a person throughout the series! It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a journey you won’t want to miss out on! Action

Is It Possible for Miguel to Wake Up and Make It Through the Fall on Cobra Kai Season 3?

Season 2 of The Expanse ended with a mother of all cliffhangers. On the first day back to school, a schoolwide battle between members of competing gangs from Cobra Kai and Miyagi-do erupted. Miguel (Xolo Mariduena) showed Robby (Tanner Buchanan) mercy during their personal battle, but Robby took advantage of Miguel’s pause to leap up and kick him over a balcony.

During a practice session for the Billboard Music Awards, he was struck by lightning. He hit his head on the ground when he fell and was knocked unconscious. What happens to Miguel in season 3? Does he live?

I’ll get right to the point. Yes, Miguel survives.

However, whether he will awaken from his coma is uncertain at first. He stays in it for a while.

We also get a little scared that he died. After a bar altercation, his sensei, John Lawrence (William Zabka), is arrested and incarcerated. The officer who apprehends him claims that Miguel is deceased. Then he adds, however, that it is not unusual for those who have spent two weeks in a coma to recover.

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The birth of Pilar’s first child, as well as the arrival of another baby in the house, also serve to motivate John to go look for Miguel again. John knows that Miguel’s mother doesn’t want him around her son, but he understands that if anything goes wrong with him, he’ll never be able to forgive himself for not going to see him.

It’s an excellent opportunity for him to speak. When he enters the coma, we get a look into Miguel’s mind. Naturally, he’s engaged in a karate match, but surprisingly his opponent isn’t Robby.

What Is the Explanation for Miguel’s Release on Cobra Kai Season 3?

At one point it looks like he might be losing, but that s right when his sensei finds a way to sneak into his room. “I want you to know that I’m coming after you, and if you give up now, it’ll be the worst mistake of your life,” warns John. “Don’t ever give up on yourself, my friend.” He also reminds him that he’s a champion and a fighter and that he knows Miguel has the ability to get out of.

That’s what Miguel needed. Then suddenly he roars back, defeating his opponent. The ref yells, “Point! Miguel opens his eyes.

But his fight is far from over. At the outset, he feels nothing down there. The doctor isn’t sure he’ll walk again.

His sensei is hesitant to see him at first, but they make up, and John’s mother even gives in and allows him to assist with Miguel’s rehabilitation.

The Trouble with Miguel is an unusual drama that follows the journey of a young man named John, whose life has gotten off track since his father died. He consults an expert who tells him to utilize unique strategies in order to get his friend back on his feet.

From there, he leaps into action, striking Miguel on the left side of his body. He literally sets a fire under him, which catches Miguel’s leg on fire. He also takes him to a Dee Snyder performance, which is where Miguel starts toe-tapping for the first time.

After that, the rehabilitation for Miguel’s legs and his return to walking is at full speed. It pays off. Miguel is back on his feet and mobile!

Will Miguel Do Karate Again?

However, he still has other issues. But his sensei, who trained him for eight years in the dojo, was killed when he was sixteen. Now he’s training with an old foe in hopes of reclaiming what was lost. Kreese has taken over the dojo from Sensei Lawrence.

Both the hawk and the other animals he considered his friends have become sadistic bullies looking for payback against anyone in Miyagi-do. He has shown no interest in it.

Instead, he wants to learn from his sensei, so he helps John start a second dojo. Because Kreese cuts the weaker kids from Cobra Kai, they join Miguel at Eagle Fang Karate, named as new dojo.

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But Miguel struggles. Because he’s still recovering from his injuries, his legs are weak. He’s not capable of resisting like he was before.

But he doesn’t just rely on Sam; her father, Daniel, is there to lend a helping hand. Miguel finds out more about the rivalry between John and Cobra Kai, and Daniel and Miyagi-do by watching television. He now has a greater awareness that everything is not as it appears, and there are two sides to every tale.

That’s why he wants Eagle Fang Karate and Miyagi-do to join forces. Miguel wants the feud to be over and done with.

Eagle Fang and Miyagi-do are hoping to train together. The Miyagi-do members are initially opposed.

But Cobra Kai makes it clear if you’re not with them, you’re against them.

Miguel and the newborn Eagle Fangs get into a fight with Miyagi-do, their previous dojo, when Hawk, Tory, and the other current Cobra Kais crash a party at Sam’s home.

Miguel goes head-to-head with Kyler (Joe Seo), the adolescent who taunted him and prompted him to seek out John for karate lessons. Kyler has learned a lot from Kreese and Miguel is still not fully recovered, therefore it appears that Kyler will overcome him. But there’s something said that both infuriates and inspires Miguel to tap into his inner strength.

It’s almost as intense a battle as the schoolwide brawl in season 2. It shows both Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang that they have no choice but to collaborate.

What Did Will Happen to Miguel on Cobra Kai Season 4?

In season 3, Miguel undergoes a great deal of change. So what happens to him in season 4? Will Todd and his team compete against Robby in the All Valley tournament?

If he wins, the stakes couldn’t be higher; it’ll be winner-takes-all. The senseis of the dojos John, Daniel, and Kreese have decided that whichever dojo wins the tournament gets to keep their school open. The rest of the group must depart.

Is Miguel up to the challenge? When the next installment of Netflix’s original series arrives on the streamer, we’ll learn right away.

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