May 10, 2021

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What are Poland’s relations with the United States today? The head of the Ministry of National Defense responded

On the issue of security, I can say that we have a continuation of the processes already underway under President Barack Obama, when asked by National Defense Minister Marius Piuscock on Monday about current relations with the United States.

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Poland’s relations with the United States

Bioscock was asked Monday on Bolshoi News about relations with the United States after Joe Biden assumed the presidency.

The President of the United States contacted the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda on a letter basis, this information was changed in one way and another, so consultations

– The head of the Ministry of National Defense responded.

According to him, it is a continuum of interpersonal relationships.

I can tell you about my department, so when it comes to security, we have a continuum of initiatives that you can say directly under President Obama. Joe Biden was then vice president, and today he is president of the United States

– Said Blaszko.

As he stressed, “these processes began with the results of the 2016 NATO summit in Warsaw and the summit on the presence of US troops in Poland.”

Polish troops in Latvia or Romania, and then the process intensified

– Assessed the Minister.

He recalled that he had signed an agreement with the United States on August 15 last year, on the basis of which the number of US troops in Poland had increased.

The presence of US troops in Poland was made permanent

– Said Baszczak.

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When asked if Joe Biden and NATO had announced their withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11 or if we would withdraw our troops, he said:

Yes, projects are integrated. In line with the policy that we entered Afghanistan together, we transformed our army together into a situation where we leave Afghanistan together, so these plans are coordinated.

The White House announced that by September 11 this year. – 20th Anniversary of Terrorist Attacks – US Troops Depart Afghanistan The US administration insisted that the decision was taken in consultation with NATO allies. President Joe Biden has officially announced his decision to end the engagement in Afghanistan.

The decision to end the decisive support mission and the withdrawal of allied troops was announced by the North Atlantic Council – NATO’s decision-making body for foreign ministers and member states.

The Polish army has been on missions in Afghanistan since 2001, initially as part of the US-led Operation Prolonged Independence, and later as part of the ISAF forces that joined it – during this mission, the poles were responsible for the province of Ghazni – and since 2015 .F completed the mission, released a team on firm support consulting and training work.

Creating a warship

Of course, the deadlines are still possible, and the contractor for the construction of the warship could be signed in the middle of this year, said Marius Piuscock, head of the Ministry of National Defense.

A few months ago the Minister was asked on Polsat News whether the contract for the ships would expire in the middle of this year and whether a partner had already been selected.

Partner not yet selected. These measures were taken by PGZ, namely Polka Kiruba Zbrojeniowa. Everything is ready to find the best formula

– Blaszczak replied.

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As he emphasized, the most important thing is financial security for this type of investment.

Because it is an investment to build a warship, i.e. a large ship with great warship strength. The point is, this ship should scare away a potential invader. Because of the epidemic, we need to be more patient

– Said the head of the Ministry of National Defense.

Of course, “the deadlines are still achievable,” he added.

In other words, a contract with a warship builder may be signed in the middle of the year.

Announced as Minister.

Modernization of the Navy

The head of the Ministry of National Defense announced in February that a new Coast Guard vessel would be commissioned as the first of the Navy’s major modernization projects. He stressed that the funds were safe; He expressed the hope that such units could be created by the domestic industry. The purchase of Coast Guard vessels built by the Polish industry is included in the technical modernization plan of the Armed Forces for 2021-2035 in the Misnik project. The ministry justified this line of modernization plans, with the “price and lead time changes” required to purchase used submarines as a bridge solution from Sweden until new units are introduced.

The Presidential National Security Bureau pointed out the need to purchase Coast Guard vessels the size of a warship.

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