‘Westworld’ depicts a sci-fi future in which mankind may visit an amusement park to fulfil all of their wants. People have learned, however, that their fantasies have turned into nightmares over the course of the HBO show’s three seasons. What will happen to the main protagonists in Season 4 of ‘Westword,’ now that the host robots have turned into murderers and terrorists?

Even though Westworld’s third season only lasted eight episodes, it didn’t scrimp on world-building, tech-fueled philosophizing, or game-changing character revelations, particularly in the grand conclusion. Season 3 came to a close with an extended episode that included not one, but two post-credits sequences, establishing time leaps, providing long-awaited character payoffs, and concluding with some key character deaths. So, let’s take a look at what transpired – and what it may imply for Season 4.

What happened in previous season?

Caleb battles his way through a riot-plagued city to Incite, where Serac has Dolores linked up to the computer, progressively erasing her memory in his hunt for the Valley Beyond’s key. When Caleb arrives, Maeve picks him up and transports him to Serac. “What makes you want to collaborate with Serac?” Caleb enquires, addressing the question of purpose that has vexed many Westworld fans this season.

Rehoboam discloses Solomon’s plan for Dolores and Caleb, and it’s the apocalypse, with a very precise chronology that looks like this:

  • A Large-Scale Disaster (6-10 years)
  • A Large-Scale Disaster (12-16 years)
  • Population Deteriorate (23 years)
  • Human Civilization Has Come to an End (50-125 years)

Caleb, naturally, believes Dolores, his new BFF, has dumped him. “Why? “Why me?” you might wonder. He inquires, but Dolores is restrained and unable to respond. We’ll return to that question later, but for now, let’s go on to the next surprise.


Maeve is appalled by everything she sees and begins to grasp the gravity of her position for the first time. “Did you ever plan to fulfil your word when you promised me a reunion with my daughter?” she wonders. “I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to it,” she says, despite Serac’s assurances. Your deity, who speaks to you in hushed tones and tells you what to say.” Serac has turned out to be nothing more than a live megaphone and puppet for Rehoboam, who speaks to him through a transplanted ear.

Dolores, it turns out, does not possess the key to the Sublime. It’s merely a recollection of her alone in a field (perhaps a hint to Nolan’s claim that Dolores was based on the picture “Christina’s World”). Serac orders Dolores’ whole memory to be wiped, and Maeve communicates with her in her dying moments, joining her in the field. “So many people choose to see the ugliness, the disorder…” begins one of her famous quotations. Maeve tries to plead for humanity once more, but Dolores reveals that she was once furious, divided between the urges to exterminate humanity or, Option B, “tear down their society in the hopes of building a new one.” So, basically, what we’ve seen her do for the whole third season.


Dolores also states that she was never in possession of the Sublime’s key. “I couldn’t put my trust in myself, so I handed it to someone who could.” Bernard was that someone, which explains why he was such an important part of her strategy. Maeve was in the same boat. Dolores wasn’t only training Caleb how to fight in the revolution; now Maeve must choose a side. Dolores reveals that the memories of compassion, not the moments of terror, stuck with her. The beautiful moments.

Maeve makes an attempt to save Caleb in the real world. Serac tries to stop her with his kill switch, but she utilizes her super-host abilities to overheat it (hmm ok, seems a little anticlimactic, but we do love to see Maeve kicking ass). She murders everyone in a shower of bullets and tells Caleb that Dolores chose him not for his ability to kill, but for his ability to choose.


The scene’s final big disclosure comes in the guise of a flashback, revealing that Dolores was a military training host in Park 5 in Westworld. Caleb strongly knocks down one of his fellow trainees’ suggestions that they celebrate their win the way affluent people enjoy their time in the park (rape, he’s talking about rape). Not rapping is, in my opinion, the lowest common denominator of civility, but that’s another issue.

Serac sealed his destiny by forcing Dolores’ memories to be wiped, because one of her last recollections was of Solomon providing her access to the system. Caleb instructs Rehoboam to carry out the last command, removing Serac’s control, and the A.I. deletes itself. Caleb and Maeve abandon Serac, who is bleeding on the floor and begging his “brother,” the dead computer, to speak.

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When Westworld season 4 going to release?

HBO has confirmed that there will be a fourth season, although no release date has been set. Season 4 of ‘Westworld’ is expected to air in 2022, according to the typical timetable.

Westworld season 4 cast

The majority of the key cast members will return as regular roles. Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, may not return right away, but with a program that skillfully deals with duplicates, her return is inevitable.

  • Maeve Millay is played by Thandiwe Newton.
  • Bernard Lowe / Arnold Weber is played by Jeffrey Wright.
  • Charlotte Hale is played by Tessa Thompson.
  • Ashley Stubbs is played by Luke Hemsworth.
  • Lee Sizemore is played by Simon Quarterman.
  • Hector Escaton is played by Rodrigo Santoro.
  • Caleb Nichols is played by Aaron Pau

Although no new actors have been confirmed to join the group, the narrative is still developing, and cast updates should be available shortly.

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What could we expect from Westworld season 4?

Season 3 exposed viewers to the many parks that the humans had built in the year 2052. Shogun World, Park 5, and other locations all have their unique mysteries. For the best fun experience for the guests, they follow many cultures. Park 5 will also serve as a military training facility for the United States. Even though Dolores and her other hosts are able to flee to Los Angeles and begin putting their plan into action, Dolores’ death at the end of season 3 leaves things unfinished.

Caleb, a combat veteran who has only recently acquired free will, will also be featured in the Season 4 premiere of ‘Westworld.’ The US government attempted to train him and alter his personality. However, since that Rehoboam is no longer alive, he has free choice and may play a larger role in the future, maybe even as a leader of the hosts. The Man in Black, a hunter who sought hosts for the first three seasons but was murdered in the season finale, is another intriguing figure. Now that he is a host himself, he will have a significant role in the upcoming season.



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