May 10, 2021

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Weather breakdown. Ball-sized rainfall and hailstones in Texas and Oklahoma

The night of April 28-29 saw the most violent storms in major cities in Oklahoma and Texas. U.S. The Storm Forecast Center (SPC) has reported heavy lightning strikes in cities such as San Antonio, Fort Worth and Oklahoma City.

Photos and videos showing the power of the elements soon appeared on social media. Rain and baseball-sized hailstones smashed windows and cars, punctured roofs and metal sheets.

– At one point it was so loud we didn’t hear what the next person was saying to us at home. We had to shout, CNN meteorologist Haley Bring recalled.

It could be another hailstorm, said meteorologist Dave Hennan, whose losses could be estimated at billions of dollars. As he added, this time the weather storm hit densely populated areas, causing a lot of damage to homes.

According to meteorologists, severe storms like this one at this time of year will be worse than the usual hurricane situation in later months. Over the past 50 years, their number of hunters in Texas has increased from 10 to 14 per year.

(Source: CNN)


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