How to Download Wattpad App for Free?


Rather than reviewing the app, we’ll focus on what Wattpad has accomplished for its users. Wattpad has created a strong community of readers over the years through various projects such as NaNoWriMo.


Within the month of November, users must write a short story. They have inspired many first-time writers to confidently publish their writings on the platform as a result of the competition.

Many readers who read the stories provide constructive input to the authors in order for them to develop. The app is always being updated to provide content creators with tools to write tales on the go.

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How Can I Get the Wattpad App on My Phone?

1: You may either go to the website HERE or look for the app on the Android or Apple app stores.

2: Look for the Wattpad app and download it.

3: Select the Install option ( If your mobile prompts with any messages, hit OK ).

4: Watch as the app is downloaded and installed.

5: After the app has been installed, tap the Open button.


Making a User Account

Sign up for an account or log in to the app. You can also register for an account on the web by following the same steps. Setting up an account is necessary since it keeps track of all the stories you’re reading and even protects the stories you’ve written.

You can proceed to the next step once your account is complete. You may read your favorite tales or even write your own on Wattpad.

Getting Started

Moving on to the following page, you must choose three-story genres that interest you. This can include everything from horror to fiction to romance and everything in between.

This is done so Wattpad can learn about your preferred genres and make recommendations for the top current stories in that category. By doing so, you’ll never miss out on any of the app’s top content! The stories you’ve chosen will be saved in your library.


When you’re finished, press the “Next” button. On the next page, Wattpad gives you the option of using Facebook to find friends who are already using the program.

All you have to do now is link your Wattpad account to your Facebook account. You can then follow your friends and never miss out on any of their articles or notifications.

Wattpad also has a list of professional authors you may follow. You can choose to follow them individually or all at once by using the “FOLLOW ALL” button. Once you’ve completed, tap “Done.” You can even choose to forgo the following someone entirely by pressing the “Done” button.

The Home Screen: Getting to Know It

Here’s what your typical page will look like once you’ve completed the basic stage of setting up your account.

As you continue to scroll down this page, you will see more choices for stories or novels that you might enjoy reading.

Knowing How To Use The Wattpad App

The Wattpad app is divided into five sections.

– Residence

– The Library

– Include a story

– Information

– New information

– My Personal Information

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these tabs has to offer.


The ‘Home’ area contains a list of suggested tales based on your interests and reading habits. You can look for articles here by using keywords or a specific genre. This website also displays stories and outstanding works from the individuals you follow.

To see more of either author’s creations, swipe left/right. You can add writers and others as friends and follow them by using their user ids.


You can locate all of the books you want in the library. There are three sub-divisions under this tab:

– Recently Reads

– In the past

Lists of Books to Read

– New Releases – To begin with, this page displays all of the books that you have access to read at any given time. These are the books you’re reading right now.

Archive – The archive is where you can access your history as well as all of the books you’ve previously read. You can go back in time and read a certain story again right here!

Reading Lists – Finally, you can create something akin to a “To-Do List” here. This is where you may make a timeline of all the books you wish to read in a specific sequence or whatever. This is typically done when you wish to construct a certain reading order for a specific story. Because some of the tales on this site are released in parts, it’s easier to keep track of them all with these lists.


Wattpad is an online storytelling platform where users may read original works and contribute their own user-generated stories. People can become members of the global community and share their thoughts with the rest of the globe.

This social platform allows both amateur and professional writers to share their original works. Wattpad also has millions of e-books available for readers. Wattpad offers its members the ability to read any kind of writing for free.

Penny. Wattpad on PC makes reading on a large screen more comfortable for people who enjoy it. Wattpad can be run on both Mac and Windows with the help of an emulation program.

Wattpad is a well-known online reading and publishing platform for e-books. It benefits humans in a variety of ways. Amateurs can improve their writing skills by publishing their work. People can simply connect with their favorite authors or fans. Wattpad makes it simple to improve writing and reading skills while also expanding vocabulary.


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