Washington Post: Trump talks to a GOP official who wants to ‘withdraw’ votes to certify Detroit’s results

Monica Palmer, a member of the GOP team in Wayne County, the largest city in Michigan and the hometown of Detroit Mail He received a two-minute call from the president on Tuesday, saying there was no pressure from him to change his vote. The Detroit Free Press And the Associated Press reported that Palmer had spoken with Trump.

“I got a call from President Trump Tuesday evening after the meeting,” Palmer told the Post. “After hearing the threats and toxicity that ensued he tested to make sure I was safe.”

The motivation against certifying the election is the latest long-term strategy of the Trump campaign, as legal options to challenge the outcome of the presidential election are running fast.

He spread false conspiracy theories about widespread voter fraud, claiming falsely that he had won the presidency of Joe Biden – which was repeatedly rejected in court.

GOP board members in Wayne County on Tuesday generally confused the election certification process, initially voting against certifying the county’s results, thus putting the board in a 2-2 hurdle.

After hours of public pressure and complaints that hundreds of thousands of voters from the majority-black city of Detroit were shamelessly voting, Republicans changed their ballots and passed the certificate unanimously.

But on Wednesday, Palmer and Republican William Hartman sent affidavits to the county attorney. But since the deadline for the county to issue the certificate has already passed, it is not clear what legal settlement or reasonable argument can be made by these two Republican officials to formally cancel their vote and invalidate the certificate.

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“There is no legal way for them to withdraw their vote,” said Michigan Secretary of State Tracy Wimmer. “Their job is done. The next step in this process is to meet with the State Canvassers Board and issue a certificate.”

The Trump campaign accused Michigan of vote-rigging Thursday, which included two affidavits from GOP board members and a misrepresentation that Wayne County election results had not been certified.

Certification is usually a formality, but Trump is trying to prevent or delay this process in key states as part of a long-running effort to thwart his electoral defeat through the Electoral College. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and other allies have suggested that GOP state legislatures in Biden’s war-torn states should try to use the delay in certification to appoint their own voters and ignore the popular vote of the states for Biden.

The next phase in Michigan is the State Canvassers Board, which is scheduled to certify election results next week. The panel, which includes two Republicans and two Democrats, said Norm Shingle, a Republican board member, filed an affidavit in support of the Trump campaign’s Michigan case.

Asked if he had discussed the presidential vote count with Trump, Palmer said: “It’s hard for me to describe. There’s a lot of adrenaline and stress going on. There were general comments about different states, but we didn’t really do that. Please discuss the details of the certificate. , This is my real concern for safety. “

CNN has approached Palmer and Hartman regarding the calls.

Democratic Vice President Jonathan Kinloch said on Thursday, November 17 that the district certification date was a definite deadline and that board members’ votes could not be changed after the fact. GOP officials sent their affidavits to the district, but the action remained. They have not filed any lawsuits to force the county to call a new meeting.

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“No further action can be taken on the certification,” Kinloch told CNN.

This story will be broken and updated.

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