Warner Bros. Reportedly Making A Doctor Fate Movie


The studio has reportedly hired a writer to pen the script, and is looking for directors to helm the project. This movie will be based on one of DC’s most powerful characters with an extensive backstory that spans multiple universes.

Warner Bros. According To Reports, A Doctor Fate film is in the works.

Warner Bros. is preparing to release a Doctor Fate movie, which will include an existing storyline. They are currently searching for a lead character.

Although short, the trailer does get the message across. I’m not sure what aspect of this movie they’re attempting to show here but it’s always a hit-and-miss with these sorts of things. We often receive fantastic and well-written films like The Dark Knight or Wonder Woman. Sometimes, on the other side of the spectrum, you get entire garbage like Batman V Superman. So I’ll always give DC a chance to do it before jumping on the bandwagon of hatred.


This time, Warner Bros. is attempting to recover from the poor reception of Justice League by investing significant effort into the League’s predecessors in the comics, the Justice Society of America.

Although the Justice Society of America isn’t as well-known as the Justice League, there is still a lot of promise. According to rumors, the first actor Warner Bros. has in mind for a feature film is Doctor Fate.

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According to reports, the narrative of Doctor Fate has been determined and Warner Bros. is now searching for a person who is between the ages of 30 and 40 to take on the part.

The first half of the film will be a period piece, and the second half will be set in contemporary times.

You don’t need to know much about the character if you’re unfamiliar with him. Doctor Fate is a mystical hero who obtains his abilities from Nabu’s golden helmet. The host is possessed by an ancient sorcerer when the ring is worn.

The mantle of Doctor Fate has been passed down to several individuals throughout history, with Kent Nelson being the most renowned. Given that Warner Bros. is searching for a person of color, I’ll assume they’ll go with Khalid Nassour’s version of Fate, an Egyptian/American medical student who acquired the helmet in 2015.

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It’s also possible that the film will star both Kent Nelson and Khalid Nassour, since it will be divided into two parts. Whatever WB decides to do with the character, I hope they make a good tale.


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