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Wanted Season 4: Details and Rumor, Cancelled?

Wanted Season 4: Details and Rumor, Cancelled?

Wanted is an Australian (DRAMA) TV show that follows two outsiders, caught in dangerous car theft and ends up on the run, chased by the nation and the police. Matchbox Pictures and RandR Creations are the sole creators of Wanted.

It was distributed by General Media Studios Worldwide and was initially delivered to seven organizations. Rebecca Gibney and Richard Bell are the producers of this show. Wanted is a uniquely composed and widely performed chase dramatization with many unexpected events and awe.

Wanted originally debuted with the Australian Seven Organization on February 9, 2016. with six scenes in the first season. It has got everyone’s attention with the rough and sensible feeling of two guys just trying to hold out today and deal with the curve balls that fate throws in their direction. While the story goes on for three seasons, Lola and Chelsea have evolved into a relationship.

It becomes a cross between Thelma and Louise and the criminal, and each has changed in their ways too. The show is available to stream on Netflix.

Wanted Season 4

What is the Plotline of the TV series Wanted?

Lola and Chelsea are waiting at a small bus station one night, as per their schedule, when they see a crash on the fender. The moment two hidden men enter, they shoot the driver. A fight ensues in which a gun is fired outside and massacred one of the covered men. They are both kidnapped by the other attacker, but find out how to escape only to get caught up in a much bigger problem.

Rebecca Gibney plays Lola, a more established, seductive lady with a darker past. The time has inflicted various blows upon her. Yet, she has figured out how to take hold of her huge heart. Similarly, Geraldine Hakewille pulls off the more youthful yet more hypochondriac of the group. Wanted is an exceptionally recognizable type of show but the story, which seems so natural and unsurprising, quickly turns into a crooked tale to get you addicted.

The team stays on the run from the police in the first two seasons and comes across new challenges on their way. In season 3, they return to clear their names and focus on cheapness. However, things rarely go as agreed the team ends up taking risks in Australia.

Wanted, though not a groundbreaking example, remains a fascinating show. It is about useless characters trapped in exceptionally difficult circumstances that unfold as the show progresses. The composition could have been a little tighter.

Wanted Season 4

The Cast of Wanted Tv series

· Rebecca Gibney plays the primary role of Lola Buckley

· Geraldine Hakewill features as Chelsea Babbage

· Stephen Peacocke plays Detective Josh Levine

· Kate Box plays Detective Maxine “Max” Middleton (season 3)

· Ryan Corr plays Chris Murphett (season 1)

· Nicholas Bell plays Ray Stanton

· Mirko Grillini plays Terry Boke (season 1)

· Todd Levi plays Ebert (season 1)

· Nicholas Hamilton plays Jamie (season 1)

· Veronica Neave plays Karen Stanton

· Anthony Phelan plays Kelvin “Kel” Morrison

Wanted Season 4

Release date of Wanted season 4, Will it is released anytime soon or cancelled?

Here we are going to talking about the release date of this appealing series: Wanted Season 4. The first season of Wanted premiered in Australia on Seven Networks in 2016, Netflix picked up the show shortly afterwards.

The final season of this series is the third season of Wanted, which aired in 2018, and after that, fans of the Wanted series are longingly waiting for the fourth one.

It has been two years since season 3, yet there is no news on Wanted season 4. There is no official news on the release date of Wanted Season 4, so we cannot comment at this point. Wanted-Season 4 should be back on Netflix in late 2021. However, there seems to be a dead-end on this show.

Where can we stream The Tick TV series?

The series is not available to watch everywhere right now. You can stream the three seasons of Wanted tv series on Netflix, that too after subscription.

Wanted Season 4

What are the Ratings of Wanted?

Wanted has received mixed reviews from the audience. It has a rating of 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb. And has a popularity of 1301.

Wanted has not received any ratings yet on Rotten Tomatoes.

Wanted was also Nominated for 45th International Emmy Awards in the year 2017.


Overall, Wanted is a rare Australian show that deserves a fourth season due to its excellent writing, acting, action, and humour. It makes the show unique, plus it would be great to see the fourth adventure for Chelsea and Lola going across Australia while they are still on the run.

It would also be fantastic to see Steven Peacocke come back, even if only for an episode or two, and finally, it would be great to see a fitting ending to Wanted. Therefore, Wanted should be extended by a fourth season.

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