‘Vivo’ Ending Explained: Did Vivo Manage To Deliver The Last Song To Marta?


Vivo’s heartwarming ending brought tears of unbridled joy to our eyes. Here’s what happened.

What would you do if you had the opportunity to fulfill someone’s dying wish? Will you be willing to go above and beyond for him? All that matters to the tiny and adorable kinkajou is fulfilling his master’s last wish.

Vivo is a musical genius who has been living in Japan for many years. He’s also known as the master of his craft, and this time he’s set out on an epic quest to deliver his renowned mentor’s last composition to his unrequited love.

‘Sometimes a Ballad’ is a heartwarming tale of adventure with plenty of music to sing along to. What did Vivo do to carry out Andres’ dying wish? Let us find out. Here’s a thorough explanation of what occurred in Netflix’s ”.

‘The Starving Game’ Synopsis and Ending Explained

In Cuba, Andres Hernandez and his pet kinkajou (rainforest honey bear) perform as street performers. Andres is a street organist, and Vivo is his beautiful partner. The pair live a modest existence and go to the plaza to dance every day. They lived a contented and prosperous existence with their music until they received an extremely critical missive.

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Marta Sandoval, Andres’s hidden love, recorded her final performance and retirement. She used to sing with Andres before. For the final time, Marta invites Andres to attend her farewell show at Mambo Cabana in Miami and relive the good old days.

The townspeople get excited. They persuaded Andres to accept the invitation. Andres decides to sing the last song he composed for Marta before she departed Cuba. The song is about Andres’ unspoken love for Marta.

Unfortunately, Andres is unable to complete his mission after he dies in his sleep. Rosa Andres’ niece and her teenage daughter Gabi came from Florida to Cuba to pay their respects at his funeral. Gabi is a quirky adolescent. While his grandpa Andres adores music, Musa is not as talented. She has trouble making friends.

Vivo decides to fulfill his master’s dying wish. He goes on a journey to deliver his song to Marta before her last concert on June 16th. He sneaks a box of musical instruments into his mother’s room and boards the bus to Florida with Rosa and Gabi the next morning.

Gabi is ecstatic when she discovers Vivo tucked away among her belongings. Gabi agrees to assist Vivo on his quest. They went to the bus station and bought bus tickets to attend Marta’s concert, claiming they were going to a cookie sale in town.

Vivo, on the other hand, is snatched by another Sand Dollar (girl scouts). However, they miss the bus. The Sand Dollars pursue Gabi in order to ‘rescue’ Vivo, who they believe is in danger.

After tumbling down the highway, the two were forced to follow plan C and use a makeshift vessel.

However, they soon encountered a storm. Vivo dropped off the raft as it was carried away by the rushing water. Gabi vanished with it. Gabi’s mother is tirelessly looking for her around this time.

Meanwhile, at the practice, Marta is unaware of Andres’ death? She continues to wait for him.

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The Sand Dollars discovered Gabi alone in the marsh. Some of them speak English, but others don’t. They know they must go to the underground sea soon because she tells them Vivo is missing, and the Sand Dollar leader informs her that she won’t survive in this environment.

Vivo is then assaulted by Python Lutador shortly after. Fortunately, he was saved by the Dancarino that he had helped earlier.

What Does It Mean? – Did Vivo Deliver The Last Song To Marta?

After failing to consume Vivo, the python Lutador discovers Gabi and the Sand Dollars. The snake begins to pursue the girls. When the creature returned, Gabi let out a loud scream, and Vivo raced in just as the rescue was completed. He succeeded in getting the python to tie itself to a tree. They were saved, but the last song page of Andres was washed in the muck.

Meanwhile, Marta receives word that Andres has died. She’s heartbroken.

For a brief time, Gabi and Vivo believed they had failed. However, they quickly learned that they could sing the song after all. Gabi remembers the words, and Vivo can still hum the tune. The pair immediately redid Andres’ previous song.

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The Sand Dollars and their boat brought Gabi and Vivo to Miami. They were able to make it just in time for Marta’s final performance. At the entrance, Gabi’s mother spotted her and began chasing after her. Gabi sent Vivo away while her mother approaches her at a dead end, and she instructed him to do so.

Vivo honored Andres’ dying wish. He presented the last song to Marta, who recognized Vivo from the newspaper. When Marta leaves for the stage, she is joined up with Gabi and Rosa, who are driving back home.

Gabi tells Rosa that her wound is healing, and she offers to take care of Rosa’s cats. Rosa understands that Gabi isn’t telling her a lie. Gabi explains that she felt compelled to assist Vivo in his cause because Andres never had the opportunity to express his true feelings to Marta, just as she never had with her father before he died. Gabi tells her mother that she is scared to go home because of the letters.

Hey, return to the concert grounds. They saw Marta perform Andres’ song in a moving and emotional scene. The song’s musical bridge, for example, is a series of six recurring chords that are meant to sound like Andres and Marta reuniting on stage. This is the long-awaited conclusion that both characters and spectators wanted.

The journey had a significant influence on our characters’ lives. Gabi’s behavior changed for the better, just as Rosa had predicted. Sand Dollars, on the other hand, befriended her and joined Vivo at the Key West Plaza as a performer. The final sequence of the film features a jubilant performance by the characters at the Key West Plaza, including Marta.


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