Virgin River Season 5: Jack is the Father of Charmaine’s Children?

Virgin River Season 5

Now that the fourth season of Virgin River has been removed from Netflix, and given that we have, of course, watched the entire thing in one sitting, our thoughts have turned to the possibility of a fifth season being produced. Because, after all, that’s what the majority of people want, right? What follows is everything that we know about it so far, including a release date, storylines, and what the cast has said about it.

Virgin River Season 5 Cast

At the beginning of January 2022, Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel Monroe, shared the unfortunate news that production on the fifth season would have to be delayed. Using Instagram Stories, she made her statement, “[Filming] was originally scheduled to begin in March, but because of delays, it… I really have no idea. I really have no idea, man.

“I’m holding out hope that we can get started sometime during the summer. Instead of shooting during the winter in Vancouver, it would be fantastic to do it during the summer. I’ll be really honest with you guys and say that I’m pretty much-done filming in Vancouver in the wintertime. Actually, I have no desire to repeat such activity under any circumstances.

Virgin River Season 5

“It is a really chilly day. And when you’re meant to be in the middle of summer but you’re standing outside in sandals and tiny dresses because it’s supposed to be hot, that’s not wonderful!”

Colin Lawrence, who plays Preacher, mentioned this in an interview with the Cosmopolitan UK that took place in July of 2022 “In a matter of weeks, we will begin shooting the fifth season of the show. I can’t wait to catch up with the rest of the cast when we next meet. When we’re all working on the same set together, it feels like a huge happy family. After that, after we’re done, it’s like everyone just goes back to their life where they left off. We come from all around the world in our own unique ways. However, we will keep in touch!”

Virgin River Season 5 Stars

Fans are holding out hope that the main cast, including Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), Jack (Martin Henderson), John (Colin Lawrence), Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), Hope (Annette O’Toole), and Doc, will make an appearance in season five. However, we are unable to confirm which characters will be featured in the upcoming installment (Tim Matheson).

Virgin River Season 5

Then there are the recurring characters, such as Brady, who is portrayed by Benjamin Hollingsworth, and Joey, who is portrayed by Jenny Cooper, along with Brie, who is portrayed by Zibby Allen, Ricky, who is portrayed by Grayson Maxwell, and Mark (Daniel Gillies). And what the heck, who knows, maybe there will even be some new blood?

Virgin River Season 5 Confirm

Unquestionably has! In August 2021, just two months after the third season of Virgin River was made available on Netflix, the streaming service went ahead and declared that the program will be renewed for both a fourth and a fifth season.

Netflix’s Vice President of the Original Series, Jinny Howe, made the announcement in an interview with USA Today. She stated that “[With] everything that’s been going on in the globe, people are searching for, not just that comfort, but also that feeling of hope and that feeling of community.”

“Everything really came together in a way that was extremely organic, and I believe this was more of a proof point that this is a really key area of programming for us,” he said. “All of that really came together in a way that was really organic.”


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What May Happen in the Fifth Season of Virgin River?

While it was revealed that Jack is the father of Mel’s unborn kid instead of her deceased ex-husband Mark, viewers also discovered that he is not the father of Charmaine’s twins. *SPOILERS* Season four ended in yet another cliffhanger. What’s more, who is it?

After Preacher knocked Vince (Steve Bacic) out for threatening to kill Paige (Lexa Doig), fans want to find out whether he is dead or just unconscious, and whether Paige and Vince will take the fall for Wes’s killing.

Lizzie’s future with Doc’s grandson Denny is in jeopardy because he has Huntington’s disease (a condition that “stops sections of the brain working properly over time”). How will this affect their future?

Jack is the Father of Charmaine’s Children?

They do, in the end, figure it out, with the long-awaited proof that Jack is the father arriving on the heels of his successful proposal for marriage. It’s a good thing too because the season comes to a close with yet another shocking revelation: Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) finds out that the twins she’s been raising aren’t actually Jack’s after all.

Virgin River season 5 Release Date

Considering that Alexandra Breckenridge has already divulged that production is scheduled to begin in the spring or summer of 2022, it is quite doubtful that we will get anything prior to 2023.

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Following the pattern of release dates that have been established thus far, the first season was made available in December 2019, the second season was made available in November 2020, and the third season was made available in July 2021.

The fourth season premiered much later, in July of 2022. That implies that we should expect another one the following year, right? Summer of 2023 is the target we’ve set our sights on.


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