Virgin River Season 3: Everything We Know So far!

Virgin River Season 3

Is Virgin River getting a third season? Many people may be unaware that Virgin River Season 3 will premiere on Netflix on December 18, 2020. With many cliffhangers in Season 2, fans were left with some unanswered issues after the story’s conclusion. As a result, the third season’s renewal was unavoidable.

Virgin River Season 3

According to the Netflix website, they first heard about Virgin River Season 3 in July 2020, during a period when practically every country was on lockdown. When they have a manufacturing listing that confirms that the next season is not only growing, but also set to begin production in August 2020 and run through December 2020.

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The Cast of Virgin River Season 3

This is a romantic drama series produced by Reel World Management and based on the same-named novels by Robyn Carr. The first episode of the series was released on Netflix on December 6, 2019. The following is the cast of the series:

  • Melinda “Mel” was played by Alexandra Breckenridge. Monroe
  • Jack Sheridan was played by Martin Henderson.
  • John “Preacher” Middleton was played by Colin Lawrence.
  • Joey Barnes was played by Jenny Cooper.
  • Charmaine Roberts was played by Lauren Hammersley.
  • Hope McCrea was played by Annette O’Toole.
  • Vernon “Doc” Mullins, among others, was played by Tim Matheson.

Season 3 of Virgin River’s Plot

Miranda moves to Virgin River to work as a midwife at the start of the season. Seasons are covered by her experience in a new place, the people she meets, and how she is accepted by them. Much to Miranda’s dismay, she discovers that the distant location is anything but a peaceful, action-free last stop on Earth.

Virgin River Season 3

While Miranda struggles to acclimatize to her new surroundings, something happens that has a significant impact on her life. One day, a baby is left in Miranda’s clinic’s doorway, which is run by Doc. Miranda’s backstory is revealed through this encounter.

Jack Sheridan, her boss Doc, the Mayor, Preacher, Brie, Charmaigne, Mike, Brady, Ricky, and Lizzie are among the residents of the town.

Review of Season 3 of Virgin River

The third season of the show has ten episodes, and the following installment will reveal if Jack and Mel will be reunited for good. The good news is that Doctor Mullins was about to inform Hope when they were interrupted by a surprise re-engaging party. On the other hand, the Preacher must choose between two options: staying in the Virgin River or taking a job as a new chef in San Francisco.



If you’ve watched the third season of Virgin River, you’ll know that the Netflix drama has a lot of cliffhangers in the last episode. Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), Jack (Martin Henderson), and the rest of the California gang returned for more episodes – but take your time with this one because you’ll be glad to know what happens next when you get to the finish.

Sue Tenney designed it. “Virgin River” deserves praise for its well-written tale and outstanding acting performances. The seasons of this Netflix romance show were well worth the praise.


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