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Vampire Academy Release Date: It Will Be Renewed in September 2022!

Vampire Academy, an upcoming American fantasy horror TV show, is based on the same-named book series by Richelle Mead. Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre changed the show for Peacock, who both work for Universal Television. This is the second movie based on this book series. The first one, with the same name, came out in 2014.

Spain is where the movie is made. Peacock gave it a straight-to-series order in May 2021, and announcements about who would be in the show were made all through 2021. The series follows their lives and adventures at St. Vladimir’s Academy, a boarding school. This seems like a simple premise, but there seems to be more to the show than what the trailer is trying to show, which is exciting and worth the wait.

As August ends in a few days, many streaming services have added a lot of new content this year. Peacock Network is also trying to catch up by putting out their TV shows and movies, which shows that they are trying to keep up.

So, September 2022 will be a month full of surprises, with new TV shows and movies coming out. We’ve put together a summary of the release date, plot, and cast so that you can get a head start and be ready before the show starts. What we know about the Vampire Academy is listed below.

Vampire Academy Release Date

According to webnewsobserver, The network has confirmed that the first episode of Vampire Academy will air on Thursday, September 15, 2022. The first four episodes will air on the same day, and the remaining six will come out once a week starting September 22, 2022. The following episodes should come out on Thursdays in the coming weeks.

Peacock UK’s official Instagram account also confirmed the news by posting the official release date and saying, “Get ready to sink your teeth into #VampireAcademy. The show starts streaming on September 16 on Peacock, SkyTV, and NowTV. ”

Vampire Academy Plot

The TV show Vampire Academy is based on a series of paranormal romance books for young adults written by Richelle Mead. Peacock’s official description of the show is about love, friendship, death, sex, and scandal. The show’s executive producer is Julie Plec. In a world of wealth and glamour, two young women from very different social classes become friends as they prepare to finish school and join the royal vampire society.

This serialized, sexy drama combines the elegance of aristocratic romance with the supernatural thrills of the vampire genre. One is a powerful Royal, and the other is a half-vampire Guardian trained to protect their society from the wild “Strigoi” who want to tear it apart. That is if the Royals don’t kill each other first.

Vampire Academy Cast and Crew

The prominent cast members of the series:

The recurring cast members:

Universal Television, a part of Universal Studio Group, makes Vampire Academy. The Peacock series is run by Emily Cummins, Don Murphy, Susan Montford, Deepak Nayar, Jillian DeFrehn, and Plec and MacIntyre. Bille Woodruff leads the pilot.

“Vampire Academy” is the main show that Peacock and Plec are working on together. Plec, Luis Prieto, Jesse Warn, Erica Dunton, and Geoff Shotz are also directors for the show. Plec has already worked with teenage vampires as a co-creator on “The Vampire Diaries” on the CW.

Plec also said that the show was given the go-ahead in May 2021. “When I signed my new deal with Universal Television, they asked me what project I’d always wanted to do, and I said Vampire Academy right away,” she said.

Vampire Academy Episodes

The new show will have 10 episodes, each of which will run for about 60 minutes. Peacock gave out the names of some of the episodes, giving a little information about the story.

Episodes of the show will also be directed by Plec, Luis Prieto, Jesse Warn, Erica Dunton, and Geoff Shotz. Here is a complete episode guide to help you figure out the order of the episodes:

Where to Stream Vampire Academy?

When it’s ready to stream, Vampire Academy will be available on Peacock because it’s an exclusive series made for the digital streaming platform. A premium membership starts at $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

Users can watch the series depending on where they are and which membership plan they choose when they want to renew their accounts and watch the series. On the other hand, Peacock TV is now available to Sky TV and Now TV subscribers in the UK and Ireland at no extra cost. You can also sign up for the service and watch it on devices like Roku and Fire TV.

How to watch Vampire Academy season 1

The first season of Vampire Academy is only available on Peacock. Peacock might be part of your cable package, or you can sign up for the streaming service on its own. You can also sign up for the service and use devices like Roku and Fire TV to watch it.

In the UK, you can watch the first season of Vampire Academy on Peacock on September 16, also available on Sky and NOW.

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