May 10, 2021

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USA: New York announces deregulation, but big events are still illegal

State and city officials in New York are announcing the removal of restrictions introduced in connection with the epidemic. Restrictions expire on or before July 1st. Meanwhile, the organizers of a concert attended by about 2,000 people at Tompkins Square Park found that such events were still illegal.

Performances by metal bands A Matball, Morpheus Law, Blood Claude and The Capture drew crowds of hungry entertainment enthusiasts to Manhattan Park last weekend. It is estimated that more than two thousand of them arrived there. However, as the restrictions were still in place during the Govt-19 era, the event organizers got into trouble.

According to the New York Department of Parks, the concert violates the mayoral administration of Bill de Blasio, which bans it. Meetings of more than 200 people, enforcing social distance and wearing masks. Chris Parker, owner of Black N ‘Blue Productions, failed to meet these needs and others, including drinking at a party.

Organizers have been accused of seeking permission to hold a political rally to commemorate the victims of the attack on the World Trade Center. The expected number of participants was set at 100 people. As a result, an investigation was launched against Black N Blue.

In an Instagram post, the organizers denied that the event was a memorial site for 9/11, accusing the media of lying. However, according to local PIX11 television, a copy of the license was given the name of the event “Memorial of September 11”, with the description “a political rally with music and speakers.”

John Joseph of Blood Clot posted on Facebook that New York firefighters raised money for the Burn Center Foundation during the concert. According to some sources, 7 6,725 were collected.

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During last year’s protests, thousands of people took to the streets, and Joseph noticed riots and looting, but no one took action. “It was our safety – our rally. People who did not want to come – stayed away” – argued the musician quoted by PIX11.

Earlier, in early April, a 90-minute intimate concert in Manhattan, performed by a quintet and musicians from the New York Philharmonic, received a mixed reception in Manhattan. 120 health workers were invited to the event.

“It’s beautiful to have culture back in New York. We live with our artists, our musicians. We live with all the things that make New York unique because of the theatrical arts we live in. The times we live in help us understand art and culture,” ABC de Blasio was quoted as saying.

Both the mayor and state governor Andrew Cuomo have announced the lifting of restrictions and a return to normal life, which could begin July 1 and even earlier. Cuomo said more people will be able to come to concerts and big outdoor events in the coming weeks.

In keeping with New York’s tradition, mass outdoor cultural events take place especially during the summer months. The most popular are the Shakespeare in the Park, Summerstage Festival, the Metropolitan Opera Song Series and the New York Philharmonic Concert in Central Park, among others. Admission to events is free.

Andrzej Toprovolsky from New York