May 10, 2021

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USA: It was attacked by bees, also known as killers. The man is dead

A Texan was attacked by bees while mowing a lawn in Breckenridge, also known as killers. Local firefighters, sheriff’s representatives and an ambulance came to his aid. Unable to save the man, he died in his 70s.

When it was over, the man was stabbed several times. He was under cardiac arrest. Despite the efforts, they could not keep him alive.

According to CNN on Thursday night, one of the firefighters saved Texan’s wife from invading insects. He provided her with her equipment and protective clothing intended for the firefight to evacuate her safely from the home. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

“When everyone was removed from the scene, sheriff’s representatives and firefighters warned locals not to use any noise-producing device outside until the bees came back to the hive. The local beekeeper later helped Hive find his special equipment that removes it,” CNN reported. Reported.

Bobby Saison, CEO of the beekeeping company, told CNN that it was not unusual for bees to behave this way.

“When dealing with these types of bees, they begin to defend themselves in cases such as the vibration of a saw, the vibration of a weed eater, or the screaming or stomping of nearby children,” Saison argued.

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