USA: Conflict in the Republican Party. Liz Cheney criticizes Trump

Liz Cheney is the third most important Republican in the House of Representatives. If the party removes it from office, it will be a punishment for criticizing it out loud Donald Trump. Cheney blamed him for inciting the January 6 siege of Capitol and spreading allegations of election fraud. In his place, Republicans want to cast 36-year-old Congresswoman Elise Stephanie, who has become an ardent supporter of the former president – We read in “Rzeczpospolita”.

Republican Party There is a crossroads. Cheney wrote in the Washington Post on Wednesday, urging Republicans to “distance themselves from Trump’s dangerous and anti-democratic cult.”

Peaceful discussions have been going on for weeks about removing Liz Cheney from a leading position in the party. On Wednesday, its leaders and Trump publicly backed Stephanie’s candidacy. Trump previously called Cheney a “militant idiot.” “We want leaders who believe in making America big again, and prioritize America’s values,” he wrote now.

President Joe Biden He called the situation in the Republican Party a petty insurgency, and said it could not define itself and speak with one voice – “Rzeczpospolita” points out.

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