May 10, 2021

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USA: Americans retire at the beginning of the Covid-19 era

As a result of the Govt-19 epidemic, 2.7 million Americans 55 years of age or older are considering retirement sooner rather than later. Mostly rich white people.

In the United States, among those who have enough money to retire, a new approach is found, which summarizes the slogan “Life is short”.

“I’ve seen a lot of people who have decided to wait a long time to retire, many of my colleagues or elderly family members. They have a year to retire, they get sick and they leave. I don’t need it,” quotes 48-year-old manager Melissa Marteni. The journalist explained that he was no longer attracted to the opportunity to spend 10-12 nights a month on the road.

In a Pew Research Center study last November, the number of retirees increased in 1946-1964 compared to previous years. 1.2 million more than in previous years. Moreover, the number of business owners planning to retire earlier than expected has more than doubled since last August, according to the financial services firm Wilmington Trust.

“The assets of Americans aged 55-69 have increased by $ 4.2 trillion by 2020, including $ 2.2 trillion in corporate and mutual fund stocks and $ 250 billion in private equity. Investments in this group have increased by nearly $ 750 billion in real estate” – “WSJ” Based on, among other things, about the Federal Reserve data.

Susan Weinstock, vice president of programming for the American Retired Parents Association (AARP), was quoted by the newspaper as saying that the loss of older workers would have a negative impact on the labor market. They are characterized by high productivity, low attendance, and can train and train new employees.

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The Nonprofit Physicians Foundation warned of the possible consequences of this event, which is particularly acute in the health sector. Nearly a third of physicians are over the age of 60, which is justified. Their exit from professional life threatens to widen the existing shortage, especially the depth of specialists.

Andrzej Toprovolsky from New York