US tells Russia they have not returned to the open sky agreement | Diplomacy

Despite the fact that the two sides are preparing for a summit between their leaders in June, the US government on Thursday announced that it would not return to a decisive arms control agreement with Russia.

U.S. Deputy Chief of Staff Wendy Sherman pointed out that the administration of President Joe Biden has told Russians that the European Organization for Cooperation and Security (OSCE) has decided not to return to the Open Sky Agreement, which is a multilateral agreement that allows military surveillance of establishments in both countries, and former President Donald Trump has resigned.

Thursday's conclusion is that a major arms control agreement between the two nuclear powers, the new START agreement, is only in effect.

Trump made no attempt to extend the New Start, which expired earlier this year, but after taking office. Biden immediately decided to extend it for another five years and to reconsider his decision to withdraw the Open Sky contract.

Officials announced the completion of the analysis and Sherman told Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov the US decision not to return to the open air. The Associated Press (AP) news agency reported that the same officials were not allowed to discuss the matter publicly and spoke anonymously.

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