US Steel Employee Portal Login – Some Benefits of Us Steel Employee Login.


The U.S. Steel Corporation offers a gateway for employees to access vital information on perks, pay, and more. All the functional areas of U.S. Steel Corporation are accessible through a single site, including human resources, financial management, procurement and legal services. As a central repository of information, it serves as an effective means of communication.

Employees can access the portal with their personal information. It also gives a way for its workers to get answers to any questions or issues they may have. It is possible for employees to see their pay stub, work schedules, W2s (payroll and taxes), and PTO (paid time off) information.

US Steel Employee Portal Login  Benefits

Employees of the US Steel firm enjoy a number of perks, including health insurance and a 401(k). Below is a partial list of some of these:

  • Insured Medical and Surgical Care
  • 401(k) and IRA Retirement Plan
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s)
  • Programs for Employee Assistance
  • Insurance policies that cover workers’ compensation and disability compensation
  • Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Law Firm Discounts and Legal Services
  • Scholarships and Grants
  • Planned Investments and Profit-Sharing
  • Paid Time Off
  • Programs for the benefit of employees (EAP)
  • Planned Leave of Absence
  • Benefits & Perks of Other Sorts!
  • US Steel Employee Login Instructions

For US Steel Employees Who Want to Access Their Employee Portal Account, the Following Actions Are Required.

Login to the US Steel Employee Benefits Portal. To log in to the US Steel Employee Portal, visit and click the “Login” button. Employees at US Steel can use this link to access their own login page.

Enter your Username from U.S. Steel Corp and click the “Next” button. Then, enter your password and click the “Sign In” button to access your employee account on the US Steel intranet, now.

How Can I Reset My US Steel Corporation Employee Login Password?

Were you unable to get into the US Steel intranet as an employee? To get your password back, you must follow these simple instructions. Password Reset for US Steel Corporation Employees You can log into the U.S. Steel Employee Portal at, select “Work or School Account” from the drop-down menu under “Can’t access your account?”. Password recovery for the US Steel employee benefits portal will be made available to you.

In the text box, type in your username, and then click “Next.” Your US Steel site password can be reset by submitting your email address.

How Do I Create an Account for the US Steel Employee Portal?

Those interested in registering for the US Steel corporation’s employee site should follow these steps: Employee Account Creation for US Steel You may sign up for the US Steel Employee Portal at You must now complete the application form.

Enter your last name, last four digits of your SSN, postal code, and date of birth when registering for the program. Afterwards, input the captcha code and press the “Continue” button to proceed forward. In order to access the US Steel Intranet Employees account, you will need to enter your email address, establish security questions and password.