May 10, 2021

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US: Report: Some US companies are robbing millions of dollars of workers

In the era of corona virus epidemics, many American workers, including the so-called, necessarily fall prey to deceitful employers. They pay below the minimum wage, and in extreme cases they lose income.

In exposing unfair practices, including the Associated Press Agency, the Center for Public Integrity (CBI), an information agency, and others, abuse of power and influential institutions.

Their research shows that during times of recession, companies are more likely to defraud low-paid employees.

Abuses include, among other things, wages lower than the minimum wage, being forced to work outside of work or refusing to pay overtime. In the most severe cases, employees are not paid.

Based on data from the Ministry of Labor, the CBI lists those who use child care workers at gas stations, restaurants and companies that frequently commit fraud in the security sector. In 2019 alone about 8.5 thousand. Employers lost about 7,287 million employees.

Large companies are considered one of the worst in this regard.

“Companies are not highly encouraged to comply with the law. The wages and hourly division of the Ministry of Labor, which investigates federal wage complaints, rarely punishes reviewers,” the AB said, adding that only one in four recidivists were fined between October 2005 and September 2020.

At just 14 percent. In cases, the department also ordered employees to pay cash compensation in addition to the outstanding amount. Since 2005, he has been blindfolded in 16,000 practice. Employers and allowed $ 20.3 million to avoid repayments.

“Some companies do cost-benefit analytics and feel it is cheaper to break the law even if they get stuck,” said A.P., a labor quality enforcement expert at the Center for Innovation at Rutgers University’s Labor Organization.

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According to some economists, wage theft is so widespread that it costs workers at least $ 15 billion a year. These are much larger than what was stolen during the seizures.

According to Professor. According to Daniel Calvin of Northwestern University, companies are particularly prone to fraudulent immigrants and ethnic minorities. Between 2009 and 2019, immigrants and Hispanics earned twice as much as the minimum wage, and blacks 50%. Compared to whites.

Despite the laws of the US Congress from the 1960s and 1970s, the A.P. says employers are ignoring the law. In his unpublished book Alt-Labor and the New Politics of Labor Rights, Calvin notes that from 2009 to 2019, the lowest paid workers lost 67 1.67 per hour as a result of extortion, about 21% of the total. Your income.

Andrzej Toprovolsky, of New York