US drops Air Force Two Aero magazine retirement

After inspections, it was estimated that the Pentagon C-32s could still carry officers' traffic

After four years of research, the Pentagon has announced plans to replace the Boeing 757 fleet used in official transportation for U.S. officials, including the Vice President.

Officially designated C-32, these aircraft are popularly known as Air Force Two, in the presence of the Vice President. Its purpose is to use the 747-200, VC-25A transmission used in the presidential mission to expand the Navy's upgrade.

However, studies show that the 757-200 are still efficient aircraft that fall within the short- and medium-term requirements of the United States. With this decision, the plan to purchase new aircraft was removed from Usab’s budget plan for fiscal 2022.

Designed to carry the Vice President and top U.S. government officials, the C-32 converted VC-137s from the Boeing 707 to complement the Presidential Navy. The aircraft received many of the technologies and innovations included in the VC-25A, including major upgrades and improvements made over a period of nearly thirty years.

Although the President rarely uses the C-32, this model has the advantage of landing and departing on narrow runways where the VC-25A cannot operate or experience significant operational restrictions. Another feature of the 757s used by the US government is its ability to operate long-haul aircraft, allowing them to fly, for example, from Brasilias to Washington DC.

Capable of carrying up to 45 occupants, the C-32 US Vice President uses the Air Force Two call sign while on board, but the President switches the call sign to Air Force One if on board. When carrying different officers, the aircraft accepts a temporary position depending on the passenger.

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Although Usaf owns a small fleet of C-32s, most have already amassed nearly three decades of service, the youngest being 22 years old. The government has not ruled out upgrading and modernizing all its VIP transport aircraft, and Boom has awarded potential deals to Supersonic, Exasonic and Herms, planning a supersonic model.

For now, there is forecast that the 747-8s under President Joe Biden’s current administration will be transferred to the Presidential Transport Service, thus retiring the famous VC-25A.

However, it remains to be seen whether the new Air Force will be delivered in 2024, as the project faces significant delays. In addition, the current president will have the choice of a new painting created during the administration of Donald Trump, which is considered controversial by various media outlets in Pentagon and civil society.

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