US detains more than 180,000 migrants on southern border, new record | To us

The U.S. Border Protection Agency reported Wednesday that the number of immigrant arrests on the U.S.-Mexico border reached more than 180,000 in May.

The 180,034 arrests in May represent a 1% increase over 178,622 in April, up 3% from 173,348 in March, two months already recording historic highs.

Despite the general rise, The Arrivals of unsupported minors (14,158) fell again in May for the second consecutive month. Of these, 10,765 were from Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador.

Most of the undocumented arrests, more than 121,000 for adults who came alone, rose sharply from 111,000 in the previous month, while more than 44,000 came to families.

Authorities also announced that more than 62% of the 180,034 migrants detained at the border would be deported immediately under the guise of an infectious health crisis.

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